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In December 1995, Judge Westergren denied Saldivar's bid for a new trial. © 2019 | All rights reserved. The tapes showed Saldivar told the truth when she claimed the shooting was accidental, a fact not mentioned in the confession. Crime Charged: Attempted murder

Why didn't she run after Selena and try to help her after the shooting? On March 9, 1995, he confronted Saldivar, demanding to know where missing money had gone not only from the boutique but from the fan club. Meanwhile, Saldivar ran to the red GMC pick-up she had borrowed from her nephew for the trip from San Antonio. Lock the door or she'll shoot me again." "Murder Conviction Upheld in Selena Case; Court Says Evidence Strong Against Saldivar."

deliberate. Houston Chronicle Online:1995. HOUSTON (AP) _ As paramedics frantically tried to save the dying Tejano singer Selena, they noticed something held tightly in her clenched right fist. . The judge did not give the jury the option of lesser charges of manslaughter or negligent homicide, and told the jurors they must convict or acquit Saldívar on the sole charge of first-degree murder. [5], In early 1995, Selena's family discovered that Saldívar was embezzling money from both the fan club and boutiques, which led to her firing in the first week of March.

Days Inn housekeeper Norma Martinez testified for the prosecution how a bloody Selena fled the hotel room as Saldivar ran after her, pointing the gun at the singer and yelling "bitch!"

[13] On November 22, 1995, she arrived at the Gatesville Unit (now the Christina Melton Crain Unit) in Gatesville, Texas, to be processed. (October 17, 2020).

Saldivar had a record of stealing money from a previous employer and had not paid back loans for nursing school.

serve at least 30 years before she is eligible for parole. Day, Jim, and Mary Lee Grant. Prosecutors accused Tinker of using "the squid defense," spreading ink about anyone but the predator herself. Therefore, be sure to refer to those guidelines when editing your bibliography or works cited list. Therefore, it’s best to use citations as a starting point before checking the style against your school or publication’s requirements and the most-recent information available at these sites: pre-trial publicity led presiding Judge Mike Westergren to issue a gag order, relocate the trial to Houston, and ban television cameras in the courtroom.).

But in a terrible turn of events, Saldivar accidentally shot the singer instead.

. gives you the ability to cite reference entries and articles according to common styles from the Modern Language Association (MLA), The Chicago Manual of Style, and the American Psychological Association (APA).

[11], Saldívar's trial for the murder of Selena was followed closely by the Latino community in the United States. "Saldivar, Convicted in Murder of Selena, Seeking Retrial." There was no word on immediate reaction from the families of Saldivar or Selena. is the maximum prison term in the state of Texas. Sängerin Selena (© Getty Images) Sängerin Selena. [6] Saldívar then took a .38 Taurus Model 85 revolver from her purse and pointed it at the singer. [4], After attending one of her concerts, she began repeatedly calling Selena's father, Abraham Quintanilla, about starting a fan club in San Antonio. Saldivar had no answers. Books appeared cooked.

The prosecution wanted to placate public outrage by going for the toughest charge. Yolanda Saldivar Trial: 1995 Defendant: Yolanda SaldivarCrime Charged: MurderChief Defense Lawyer: Doug TinkerChief Prosecutor Carlos ValdezJudge: Mike WestergrenPlace: Houston, TexasDate of Trial: October 11-23, 1995Verdict: GuiltySentence: Life in prison with possib Source for information on Yolanda Saldivar Trial: 1995: Great American Trials dictionary. Most online reference entries and articles do not have page numbers. A single bullet struck Selena in the back near the right shoulder. She will become eligible for parole on March 30, 2025. Selena's talent, good looks, and hard work brought her a dedicated following, but her fame was largely limited to regional Spanish-American audiences. The last word on Selena's lips before she collapsed was "Yolanda."

38-caliber revolver from a gunstore in San Antonio where she lived.

Quintanilla family members told of the deteriorating relationship between Selena and her business associate.

HOUSTON, Texas (CNN) -- Yolanda Saldivar was sentenced to Tinker claimed that the tapes proved Saldivar's confession was coerced.

But her violent death at the hands of the woman who organized Selena's fan club and whom the young singer called "mother" bitterly ended those dreams.

The audiotapes stand out as the most riveting portion of the trial.

[12] Saldívar claimed that the gun "[accidentally] went off". ``When I opened it, a ring fell out,″ said Richard Fredrickson, a Corpus Christi paramedic, testified Friday at the trial of Yolanda Saldivar.

Yolanda Saldívar, condenada a cadena perpetua por el asesinato de la cantante Selena Quintanilla el 31 de marzo de 1995, podría tramitar su libertad condicional en 2025 debido a su buena conducta.

Selena refused to believe that her faithful confidant was embezzling; Quintanilla was convinced and furious about it. Chief Defense Lawyers: First trial: John Sheenan and H…, Jim Mitchell Trial: 1992 Known simply as "Selena," the pretty, diminutive singer with the big voice and squeaky-clean image was poised to take her popular, award-winning sound into the American mainstream. . Hotel desk clerk Shawna Vela described how Selena ran into the hotel lobby just after noon that cloudy day, leaving a 390-foot trail of blood. Retrieved October 17, 2020 from [9] They returned to the motel, where Selena once more demanded the records. [3] Saldívar will be eligible for parole on March 30, 2025.



Selena Como La Flor. The defense claimed the shooting was provoked by Selena's overbearing father, then covered up by overzealous Corpus Christi police doing sloppy work.

As the audio played in court, Saldivar sobbed. (Sensational Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography.

Quintanilla threatened to pursue the matter legally. In the United States,…, F. Lee Bailey Although Tinker argued for probation, Saldivar received the maximum punishment of life in prison with no chance of parole until 2030. As the singer turned to do so, the gun accidentally discharged.

The prosecution said the tapes only proved that Saldivar was an unstable person and a pathological liar. Crimes Charged: Murder, burglary, weapons charges [14], Saldívar is serving a life sentence at the Mountain View Unit in Gatesville, operated by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. after nine hours of deliberation means Saldivar, 35, must

In March 1991, she received her license as a registered nurse from the Texas Board of Nurse Examiners. [8] Selena drove Saldívar to a local hospital, where they were told that the gynecological exam was to be done elsewhere, because the assault had allegedly happened in another country. life in prison Thursday for the murder of Tejano singing star A judicial examination and determination of facts and legal issues arising between parties to a civil or criminal action.

Meanwhile, Saldivar's feelings for Selena progressed from adoring to obsessive.

The sentence handed down by a jury of six women and six men

"Yolanda Saldivar Trial: 1995 Saldivar came into Selena's life in 1991, when the mousy registered nurse approached Selena's manager/father Abraham for his blessing to organize the Selena Fan Club. Saldívar was promoted as manager of Selena's clothing boutiques, Selena Etc. manager of the star's clothing business. Selena, Etc.

In response, Saldivar bought a.

Selena apparently had taken the ring off her finger to return to Saldivar.

F. Lee Bailey Her request was received on March 31, 2008, the 13th anniversary of Selena's death. Tinker was able to uncover testimony contradictions, but his point seemingly was lost. She claims the petition was filed in 2000 with the 214th District Court, but was never sent to the higher court.

The state claimed Selena had finally been convinced that Saldivar was stealing from her.

[15][16], The revolver used to kill Selena disappeared after the trial. She begged hostage negotiators to shoot her before surrendering. The venue was moved to Houston, Texas, after Saldívar's lawyers successfully argued that she could not receive a fair trial in Selena's home town. Great American Trials. Abraham Quintanilla had directed his daughter's career with a strong hand since she was nine years old.

The defense countered that before the police began recording the negotiations leading to Saldivar's surrender, she had said several times that she did not mean to shoot Selena. Tinker also doggedly chipped away at Vela's testimony and that of other hotel employees.

The prosecution claimed Saldivar deliberately shot Selena as she attempted to flee Room 158.

"Fue notificada por un tribunal de Texas que, en el año 2025, puede tramitar su libertad condicional por buena conducta", reseñan medios internacionales como la revista Quién. Was Selena's death on March 31, 1995, a cold-blooded murder or was it a tragic accident? SIGNIFICANCE: The fate of a popular music star's killer hung on one question: Was she a suicidal woman accidentally shooting the object of her adoration, or was she a coldblooded murderer playing the blame game? Saldivar had been the president of Selena's fan club and

Selena opens her first Selena Etc.

On tape she cried, "I did something very bad.

Saldívar delayed the handover again by claiming she had been raped in Mexico.

März 1995 in einem Hotel. If Saldivar had shot Selena accidentally, why didn't she call 911 instead of the motel manager? He just had to overcome a few obstacles, including Yolanda Saldivar. October 26, 1995 Web posted at: 4:35 p.m. EDT.

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