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United States then pulled away temporarily, leaving Carden and Hope time to contemplate their lack of options. She next cruised in the West Indies, where she helped suppress piracy, into 1826. Neben dem Namen wurden noch einige Eisen- und Holzteile des alten Schiffs verwendet, darunter die Galionsfigur. Der Sieg des amerikanischen Schiffs wurde als Sensation wahrgenommen. Five hundred miles south of the Azores, crewmen of the "United States" saw a sail 12 miles away. The 50-gun USS Cumberland was razeed into a 24-gun sloop. Because of unfavorable winds and a passage not favorable to heavy vessels, the fleet finally reached Montauk Point, the easternmost point of Long Island. Joel Abbot in command, was one of the six American ships arrayed off Uraga, Japan, on 13 February 1854 during Perry's second visit to negotiate the opening of Japan to foreign trade.

MacedonianII(Fr: t. 1,341; 1.

Während seines Besuchs war Carden ein gern gesehener Gast in der Oberschicht von Norfolk, verriet aber versehentlich den Zweck seiner Reise und musste daraufhin mit leeren Händen nach Lissabon zurückkehren. She was decommissioned in 1828 and was broken up at the Norfolk Navy Yard.

Joel Abbott in command, was one of the six American ships impressively arrayed off Uraga, Japan, 13 February 1854 during Perry's second visit to negotiate the opening of Japan to foreign trade. After hasty repairs the fleet continued on their way eastward along the Sound. Then, from 1857 to 1861 she served with the Home Squadron in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean.

George C. DeKay in command, departed New York 15 June with 12,000 barrels of pro-visions for Ireland donated by private citizens of the United States., returning to Brooklyn Navy Yard some months later to resume Navy service.In 1852 Macedonian docked at the Brooklyn Navy Yard to be razeed and converted to a sloop-of-war for the expedition to Japan, 1852 to 1854. Im September desselben Jahres, nach dem Ausbruch des Kriegs mit den Vereinigten Staaten, eskortierte die Macedonian einen Ostindienfahrer nach Madeira und sollte dann auf Prisenjagd gehen. Macedonian was subsequently purchased by the United States Navy, and was renamed USS Macedonian. Macedonian was a sizable and welcome addition to the then tiny US Navy. [citation needed] After repairs, United States sailed from New York on 24 May 1813, accompanied by USS Macedonian and the sloop Hornet.

The USS Macedonian was a sailing ship in the fleet brought to Edo by Commodore Perry in 1854. Within a few minutes of closing, fire from United States's 24-pounder cannons brought down all three of Macedonian's masts, and riddled the hull. Capt.

Zwei Schiffe in der US - Marine wurden genannt USS Mazedonisch. Die HMS Macedonian war eine Fregatte der britischen Royal Navy mit 38 Kanonen, die in den Napoleonischen Kriegen gegen Frankreich und im Krieg von 1812 gegen die Vereinigten Staaten zum Einsatz kam. Assigned to the East India Squadron under Commodore Matthew C. Perry, she, Capt. It was the first British warship to ever be brought into an American harbor.

Mit Hilfe der kriegsgefangenen britischen Mannschaft gelang es den Amerikanern, das schwer beschädigte Schiff provisorisch zu reparieren und am 4. Among the original crew was the 13-year-old Samuel Leech, who later wrote a memoir of his experiences. Macedonian, being close by, immediately distanced herself from the periled United States. Macedonian spent most of the next 2 years with the West India Squadron. Seventy four of these deaths were by yellow fever. The squadron again sailed on 8 October 1812, this time from Boston. She hailed Macedonian demanding the name of her antagonist and whether or not she surrendered. Zur Besatzung gehörte der damals 13 Jahre alte Samuel Leech, der später Memoiren über seine Erlebnisse als Seemann schrieb.[1]. [2][8], The two ships lay alongside each other for over two weeks while Macedonian was repaired sufficiently to sail.

The men complained bitterly about their treatment, writing of how they were forced to eat mealy grain while counting hundreds of thousands of dollars in specie. All Rights Reserved. Wherever they went, Captain Decatur and his crew were lionized and received special praise from both Congress and President James Madison.

Ishin Shiryô Kôyô 維新史料綱要, vol 1 (1937), 530, 582, 601. Gegen Mittag war der Rumpf der Fregatte durchlöchert und entmastet, weshalb sich Carden entschloss, die Flagge zu streichen und damit das Leben seiner Mannschaft zu retten. She then began patrol operations along the gulf coast and the coast of South America, with stops at Aspinwall (now Colon) and Porto Bello, Panama; Martinique, Windwards; and St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. Thomas ap C. Jones in command.Macedonian was assigned to the West India Squadron to cruise in the West Indies and along the west coast of Africa from 1839 to 1847 as a continuing deterrent to Carribean pirates.By a Joint Resolution of Congress 3 March 1847 Macedonian and sloop-of-war Jame8town were placed in civilian hands to carry food to Ireland during the famine of the late 1840's, With a volunteer crew, Macedonian, Capt. The United States was the larger and more solidly built of the two, with 1576 tons burthen as opposed to Macedonian's 1082 tons burthen. In 187JL she was laid up in ordinary at the Norfolk Navy Yard, where she remained until 31 December 1875 when she was sold to Wiggin and Robinson for merchant service.

Sie stand unter dem Kommando von Kapitän Stephen Decatur junior, mit dem sich Carden bei seinem Besuch in Norfolk angefreundet hatte. Macedonian was built at Woolwich Dockyard, England in 1809, launched 2 June 1810, and commissioned the same month.

Finally, with United States preparing to rake the British vessel again, Carden struck his colors, making Macedonian the second Royal Navy vessel to surrender to the Americans during the war.[3]. Die HMS Macedonian war eine Fregatte der britischen Royal Navy mit 38 Kanonen, die in den Napoleonischen Kriegen gegen Frankreich und im Krieg von 1812 gegen die Vereinigten Staaten zum Einsatz kam. Thomas ap Catesby Jones in command. It accompanied a portion of Perry's fleet to Hakodate in the 4th-5th months of 1854 and then returned along with the rest of the fleet to Shimoda.

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