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Their translucent, almost pillow-like texture makes them tricky to photograph, especially as they are known to move around a lot. The nudibranch is a favorite species of the sea here at Aquaviews, particularly for the endless colors and shapes they flaunt in all oceans of the world, from shallow reefs of the tropics to the frigid depths of the Arctic.There are more than 3,000 species of nudibranchs known to science, with more continuously being discovered as our scope of the ocean environment expands.

Dorid nudibranchs breathe through gills that are on their backs. A representative sampling of species for each family are shown to give an example of the characteristics exhibited by that group. Much like the Spanish Dancer, this nudi’s nickname is also inspired by dancing, as they are able to ‘swim’ and sway their bodies from side to side, while showcasing their impressive mane! Unlike more scientific sites, I have organized these in a way that may be more novice friendly. A diverse group of creatures, nudibranchs (NOO-di-branks) have a habitable range that spans everything from the tropics to Antarctica. Dirona albolineata, or white lined dirona, is visually stunning with its translucent body adorned with broad petal-like formations, called cerata, swaying in the ocean currents. The Cyerce Elegans can be found mostly in the Indo-Pacific and Hawaii. When the Janolus is about to be attacked, they roll themselves into a ball like a hedgehog, displaying their spiky cerata by way of protection. Out of 3,000 species of nudibranch, this is the only one that can swim! By storing up sting cells from the jellies they ingest, the Blue Dragon uses these to protect themselves from predators! Nudibranch, any of the marine gastropods that constitute the order Nudibranchia (subclass Opisthobranchia of the class Gastropoda). From mythical sea creatures, to solar powered sea slugs, here are ten of the strangest along with some intriguing nudibranch facts and features! Which is why they are more commonly referred to as Spanish Dancers. Growing up to 40cm in length, the Spanish Dancer is the largest type of nudibranch. There are more than 3,000 species of nudibranchs known to science, with more continuously being discovered as our scope of the ocean environment expands. Nudibranchs (Opisthobranchs) (Oregon to Southeast Alaska) Click on the name of the Order to view the species within that category. Only one of the most colorful sea creatures in the earth's vast oceans. There are more than 2,000 known species of nudibranch, and new ones are being identified almost daily. Much more exciting than say, a sea cucumber, these colorful little guys are sometimes called "sea slugs" - though the name hardly does justice to their beauty, and most sea slugs aren't actually related to nudibranchs. They are mostly found in a red colour, however yellow and sometimes patterned versions have been spotted but these are rare. They’re already classed as one of the oceans most bizarre critters, but have you ever wondered what the strangest types of nudibranch look like? Their distinguishing feature includes brightly coloured stubby cerata, covering their bodies. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. However, the Magnums cerata are more than multi-functional, since they also act as solar panels!

This list features the most gorgeous nudibranchs types in the ocean. What's a nudibranch, you ask? Nudibranchs are also hermaphroditic, but they cannot fertilize themselves, and they lay their eggs within a gelatinous spiral.

Their cute rhinophores are used to smell out food. This particular nudibranchs diet consists of soft corals and cnidarian (anemones). Covered with many small cerata, this species varies in color depending on which sea anemone it primarily feeds. Learn how your comment data is processed. The Janolus sp.

This impressive sea slug is often referred to as a ‘Blue Dragon’ due to its mythical looks. These decadent shell-less mollusks are found in textures, shapes and colours that you never knew existed. Despite its tiny size (they grow to a maximum length of only 1 inch) the Glaucus Atlanticus has to be one of the most-eye catching creatures in the ocean.

Introducing one of the worlds cutest types of nudibranch, the Leaf Sheep (or officially, a Costasiella Kuroshimae!)

Nudibranchs vary in size from less than an inch to as long as almost two feet. victoria secret model who dated charlie sheen. By grazing almost exclusively on algae, they are one of the only animals in the entire world that can perform photosynthesis by using the chloroplasts of the algae. Much like other types of nudibranchs, the Okenia Rosacea has both male and female reproductive organs meaning that they are able to mate with any other Okenia. Unlike most types of nudibranch, the pelagic Blue Dragon won’t be found dwelling on the sea bed in a usual nudibranch habitat. The shaggy mouse can actually disarm its prey anemones by excreting a different mucus composition that prevents the anemone from discharging its defense nematocysts. They are found throughout the world's … Different types of Nudibranchs To date, more than 3,000 species of nudibranchs have being discovered and more are getting identified everyday.

The bright white linings on each cerata make this nudibranch shimmer as it moseys along the substrate. They actually spend the majority of their time hanging out upside down on the surface of the water. What is the most beautiful nudibranch? Janolus are found worldwide, mostly in warm, shallow waters in Europe, Africa, Australia and Japan. Best snorkeling in the world: Our top destinations, All comments are moderated before being published. Best snorkeling in the world: Top 10 destinations.

Glaucus Atlanticus Nudibranch Daniel Coleman Meet the Glaucus Atlanticus, one of the worlds rarest and strangest types of nudibranch! The hot pink Okenia Hopkinsia Rosacea, is by far one of the strangest types of nudibranch you may ever lay eyes on. Darling, it's better down where it's wetter.

However, the downside to consuming all that venom is that it makes the blue angel highly venomous in turn, so keep your fingers to yourself when you see this blue beauty! Dive with Sea Lions at Santa Barbara Island, 5 Ways Coral Reefs Are Important to Humans, Top 8 of the Ocean’s Most Poisonous Creatures. This page provides links to more detailed pages on individual nudibranchs that are found in 25 ft or less (7.5 metres) of water. Their ornate markings are characterised by an eye-catching orange pattern, dotted with sweet rounded bumps, giving this unusual nudibranch its distinctive, jelly like texture. Sign up for early access to new products, special offers and all our news. Nudibranchs occur in seas worldwide, ranging from the Arctic, through temperate and tropical regions, to the Southern Ocean around Antarctica. The Hexabranchus Sanguineus is one of the worlds most admired sea slugs. Performances are usually after hours, so if you wish to see them in action its better to seek them out on a night dive. Looks like this type of nudibranch is helping to save the reef in their own unique way too! Halgerda Batangas almost look good enough to eat! This impressive sea slug is often referred to as a ‘Blue Dragon’ due to its mythical looks.

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