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Contrary to one assertion in this debate that the Greens are moving to the right, we ran as eco-socialists from the start and got no negative feedback on that from our members or supporters. Below is a list of Socialist Alternative branches in the United States. The first post-election act by Cuomo and de Blasio was to announce a $3 billion corporate-welfare package for the world’s richest person, Jeff Bezos, the $160 billion man who is CEO of Amazon, which is now locating new headquarters in Long Island City, Queens. Our campaign offered socialist solutions to pressing problems: public health care, public power for planning the transition to 100 percent clean energy, public broadband, public banking, more public housing, fully-funded public schools, tuition-free public college, worker co-ops, and progressive tax reform to pay for this Green New Deal. So what do socialists stand for and how do we get there? North Korea is state capitalist. [12] The Refounded CWI claims to have sections in 11 countries. Labor Militant and Socialist Alternative: This writer was one of the founding members of the predecessor to Socialist Alternative – Labor Militant. It shows that, as part of the […], Socialist Alternative England, Wales and Scotland is part of International Socialist Alternative, Sarah Wrack and Becci Heagney, Socialist Alternative Political Committee. Red Flag; Marxist Left Review; Archives. But with an immediate post-primary poll showing Cuomo with an insurmountable lead, the media decided there was no story to cover. All of them have been convinced by their experiences that capitalism as a system has to go, and we need to build an organisation capable of ushering in a new socialist world. We’re very proud of our progress and achievements over the past 12 months – both in terms of engaging with a complex political situation and making strides in building Socialist Alternative. Navigation. These have then impacted on trade union and workplace struggles and vice-versa. We have launched Student Socialist Alternative and aim to build groups in universities and colleges this Autumn. We never got into the media narrative about the race. The initial ISO endorsement had been welcome when most of the New York left was starstruck with actress Cynthia Nixon and her primary challenge to Cuomo. We have had visits by members from the US, Ireland and Hong Kong who have spoken at our conferences and public meetings, and many others taking part in online events. As it was, the Greens are now fifth on the ballot, about 10,000 votes behind Cuomo’s votes on the Working Families line, which saw their vote drop from 2014 by about 20,000.

That’s for the Russian people to deal with.

They helped draft the New York Off Fossil Fuels (NY OFF) Act, pending in both houses of the legislature, that would establish timelines and benchmarks to achieve that goal. We have achieved so much in only a year and are preparing for much bigger leaps forward in the year ahead. But at the same time it is necessary to engage with such developments and be in the fight alongside the best workers and young people mobilised by them. Many who have been radicalised by their experience of racism to participate in the BLM movement are working their way towards revolutionary conclusions. Following Starmer’s victory, and subsequent events including large-scale resignations from Labour and the removal of Corbynite Rebecca Long-Bailey from the shadow cabinet, we have analysed that this party of struggle is now very unlikely to develop inside the Labour Party. Socialist Alternative Magazine; Socialist Alternative Publications; Doug Lorimer Archive; Direct Action Newspaper;

NYC ISO’s request felt like being back on the playground and a kid I know says I should go fight this other kid I don’t know because they have a beef. Email us at to get involved! It will require a lot of time and energy to patiently explain of the real facts on the ground in Syria, debunk bad sources, and build practical solidarity with Syrian democrats. A damaging and criminal split.

We were told that we would be covered after the primary. Email us at to get involved! In a crisis, the ruling class tends to sugarcoat the real economic situation.

To equate these states with socialism is to discredit socialism. With co-sponsorship by the ISO and the Socialist Party USA, we held forums across three New York City boroughs on socialist solutions to six problems: low wages, education, segregation, housing, health care and Puerto Rico.

The dispute divided the leading bodies of the CWI with International Secretariat and International Executive Committee taking conflicting positions. The majority of the IS founded a faction called “In Defence of a Working Class and Trotskyist CWI” (IDWCTCWI) in November 2018 at an IEC meeting, in opposition to the rest of the IEC.

On single payer, Nixon told the New York Daily News editorial board, “Pass it and then figure out how to fund it.” Though the progressive taxation plan in the bill would save 98 percent of New Yorkers money on their health care costs, opponents right and center used her statement to attack the bill. No Time to Lose: How Do We Stop the Far Right?

Capitalists didn’t even bother to fund the Republican candidate. What happened is that I was a guest at Randy Credico’s “Livestream on the Fly” program in Brooklyn in mid-September to talk about my campaign. We’ve played an important part in linking up students and workers, for example working alongside the trades council in York to facilitate meetings between school students and both workers and management at the Nestle headquarters there.

Rob Jones, Sotsialisticheskaya Alternativa (ISA in Russia) Almost 50 million people have filed for unemployment. A righteous rage has been unleashed by the killing of George Floyd, and the mood on the protests across Britain has been to boldly assert that this is not only a problem in the US – “the UK is not innocent”., MILWAUKEE, WI Our organization prides itself on the clarity of our analysis and program. Unfortunately, NYC ISO’s statement withdrawing their endorsement came as DSA was debating their endorsement. (323) 642-9627 Revolutionary socialists state our position clearly, but we know common work in strikes, struggles and more will settle the debates. In this context we have made special efforts to educate all of our members on these issues. However, both countries supported the National-Socialist revolutions of 1939, and gained many newly national socialist allies. To understand the volatility of the midterm elections, look past happy talk about a strong economy and at the unhappy realities for workers. Cuomo’s fracked-gas power plants are increasing the state’s carbon footprint as the climate collapses.

All of our branches have been able to continue to meet weekly and we took the initiative to have weekly national online live rallies too. Composed of members from across ISA elected at the world congress; Responsible for ISA's policies in between congresses; Responsible for carrying out the directives of the IEC, to which it is accountable; Prepares documents and reports for review and approval at IEC meetings. The top 1 percent now takes home 33 percent of all income, child lead poisoning rates of 40 percent in Buffalo and Syracuse, maximum allowable donations to Clinton’s campaign fund, gave the Clinton campaign control of the DNC’s finances, strategy and staffing, have given $850,000 to Cuomo’s gubernatorial campaigns, dismissed the progressive challenge to him, suburban Democrats signed on to Cuomo’s program. Socialism: How Would a Planned Economy Work?

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