sleeping beauty (2011 explained)

the loser who goes on through life feeling like they can live to fight another day, or the winner who took the extra mile to show the world his foolish prowess?

I didn’t catch a plot fully and some moments are still out of my understanding…But I liked it=), I found the atmosphere of the film compelling… just that. However, overall, I enjoyed this film while some points I did understand while watching, then some others came to light after reading the previous posts above.

I’m so CONFUSED! Overall all the film left myself and my husband feeling flat. I don’t feel hateful towards the movie, just kind of blah. Perfection is boring, and what does that really mean except usually there was nothing hugely wrong with it. Here’s the thing, I understand your review and appreciate the thought put into it.

Then again though, all the male visitors were off a certain age and all seemed quite sad in one way or another? Other than that, the things to appreciate is, Yeah, reading this review allows me to appreciate this movie so much more. An old joke between the two is that Birdmann frequently asked Lucy to marry him; Lucy always says no. I’ve read dozens of scripts that felt like this movie, all of them unfinished works by talented folks that needed more revision. While she does not return his sexual interest, Lucy enjoys Birdmann's company, and in his presence is the only time she is shown smiling or laughing. I got to meet Julia Leigh and she was adamant about not explaining the film or revealing what any of it meant to her since she wants audiences to take away their own thoughts and ideas. ), instead of gaining ground throughout of becoming more adult, she is unravelled and stripped of her shell, to the point where she starts to care for her own well being. However, I know it’s not for everybody. It’s been REALLY fascinating to see the various complaints about it around the web. it seems that this film suggests that the first one to feel a thing for the other gender is the real losing side in the power struggle.

She’s obviously got the right stuff – the images in the film are bloody magnetic and the premise had a lot of power and potential. She allows herself to be literally put to sleep in order to mentally skip the lengthy hours of her degrading job, only to wake up with a full purse and no memory of the events.

She’s not submissive; she just seemingly goes with the flow without any hang-ups. Lucy decides to surreptitiously film her next encounter. What was the significance of Lucy seeing that woman on the train? Extremely Confused with Climax. The film left me with a void. If you get that, you’ll get it. And the way Clara treats Sara is as goods, and a manager inspects the goods to make sure they’re all in order afterwards. Thanks for posting your review and sparking such a lively discussion. I couldn’t believe how close our observations were to yours. I know that was this films intention, but i was feeling depressed a lot more than inspired at the end. It was about reinforcing his masculinity and making him feel like a man but with a softness.

As others have noted above, I never felt able to engage with Lucy, not one iota, so consequently had no real investment in what happened to her, but that is by no means the only flaw here.

The Sleeping Beauty figure, as featured in the most popular versions of the classic fairy tale, is the archetypal passive heroine. I still don’t understand the death of that one character.

It never existed in her life. She could be fired from work, or chucked out of her flat. Well done Julia Leigh and Emily Browning, a team well forged.

really thought provoking and something i feel people will enjoy more if they are to come and read this great review to further understand it and expand the way they think themselves. Don’t pay too much attention to the number of stars Paul; it’s a pretty arbitrary rating.

My reading of the end is that his suicide is hugely traumatic for Lucy since she never consented to having somebody die next to her. She was in control. So..Great the characters in the film are aware of the story but the audience is NOT, to me that is a failure, since it is a fictional film and what the characters may know is irrelevant. A common critique of pornography, and the appropriation of the pornographic aesthetic in mainstream culture, is that images that have adopted such endlessly replicated and industrialised representations of sexuality are in fact drained of any actual eroticism or sensuality.

I agree with the main reviewer, Thomas Caldwell, even though there is a lot of bare skin, there is no sense of pornography – rather the beautiful skin of the ” sleeping beauty”.

It was as though the story tellers refused to accept responsibility for anything other than expressing a few raw concepts shrouded in ambiguity, deliberately so because they simply lacked the skill to construct the supporting framework with attention to detail so that all the pieces fit together. Tagged sleeping beauty 2011 123movies, sleeping beauty 2011 cast, sleeping beauty 2011 explained, sleeping beauty 2011 full movie online 123movies, sleeping beauty 2014, sleeping beauty 2016, sleeping beauty actress, sleeping beauty new. HAHAHAHA @Thomas C, leaving an audience unfulfilled is part of the plan?, so not being able to convey a complete scene and worse not be able to make the audience feel an emotion fully is part of the plan? The director’s got talent AS A DIRECTOR but not enough to overcome her writing issues (I think this is why people feel compelled to vent). But i think the meaning of the whole film is not dependent on the fact she is asleep and has been paid for the job she partakes but that in fact she is already asleep as a person. You’re so right…the images were NOT erotic at all, which, given the beauty of the protagonist, must have been a deliberate and difficult challenge. Why was Lucy crying in the end when she saw the old man?, why did Clara wake her up? [4] She takes up a part-time high-paying job with a mysterious group that caters to rich men who like the company of nude sleeping young women. I know your last sentence was meant to be sarcastic, but it’s the part of your comment that is the most reasonable. It was the first Australian film In Competition at Cannes since Moulin Rouge! Yet it is the outside context of filmmaking/storytelling/image-making itself that gives Sleeping Beauty its meaning. To relieve yourself of this difficult reversal is to absolve yourself of the consequences of your choice to remove the bait.

8th, what was the point of this movie?

There are a few points of the movie that actually aggravated me afterwards. Probably reading too much into it there.

Trying to interpret it from an intellectual perspective is a waste of time.

I would like to know others opinions of my opinion as well, so comment away. The under lying story is that even mice can have all the power, women are the decision-makers and the men with money use their money, while she can burn hers. Good Movie.


Sara is created by the company, and by the men.

If the film had one small detail that I could grasp and say: hey that makes sense, I’ve been there, or I would do that, then perhaps I would feel differently. I also think the film is clever at expressing the sexual violation without any actual sex. The acting was just sub-lime. * Expressions shown by decent Man to the defenseless Sleeping beauty is 100% true. I guess i feel it would have been more inspirational if we knew for certain, as all film directors can use cliffhangers and questions floating in the air, but i prefer to watch something that inspires.

Let me know you ideas on these. I’m glad I read this review as I hadn’t picked up on the importance to her of the intimacy of death and therefore the reason for her grave distress at the close. The endangered nocturnal mouse only enemies was the owl and the bat, such an analogy by Leigh was just superb.

When she was told no, due to client secrecy, she instead put a video camera up to record what goes on.

Like an unfinished painting, with the background entirely missing because the artist had not the skill to complete that many layers of complexity. She is caring for a sick relative, Birdmann, who is very attracted to her. I don’t buy the film-theory-as-film idea. No worries if after reading my review you still disagree, but I do think I’ve addressed your criticisms. I don’t know if I’m now over-analyzing the film but now I see each scene as a puzzle to be solved =) Also why did Clara have to give Lucy CPR?? The old adage that ‘the only mistakes we make in life are the ones we learn nothing from’ rings very true here. I quite liked the film.

Lucy is driven to a country mansion, where Clara offers Lucy a new role wherein she will be voluntarily sedated and sleep naked while male clients lie beside her. Subversive, dark and edgy to the Nth degree. What i picked up as a moral of the story was that people need to endure something like death or be close to death, before they appreciate or ‘wake up’ to the life around them and its possibilities. Patriarchy and its constructions of masculinity have long been dependent on images of female passivity (as you said, not submission, which implies the submissive has agency through choice.) Having watched the film i had to go back and watch it again to develop my ideas. I have to disagree regarding Emily Browning’s capacity as an actress. As for all of us, she was reliant on money and resented that control it has.

After seeing this film last night, I’ve had a hard time not thinking about it. Her friendship with the birdman also shows her ease with depressiveness and self destruction rather than with the normal kids around her at college. I’ve never written a blog or criticized a movie before, but for this one I had to see what others thought about it….

and her awakening at the end to find the corpse of the man next to her. At the same time, she shows incredible endurance.

I liked this film a lot more when thinking back to it, or describing it to friends. Some good visual style ruined by sloooow script and – frankly – a boring go-nowhere narrative. Clara refuses, saying it will put her clients at risk of blackmail. Lucy is a complete enigma and apart from basic financial needs, what motivates her is a mystery. I think this scene is what made her curious about what went on while she slept, and urged her to buy the camera. Lucy is utterly without soul and the audience does not see any growth in any of the characters. I appreciate many aspects of the film: acting, cinematography, production design. The storytellers knew they had something to work with. Clara assures her that the men are not allowed to touch the women sexually, and Lucy agrees to try it.

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