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Slaine is shown to be very friendly with Princess Asseylum, being completely loyal to her. ), and occasionally Lord Troyard (トロイヤード 卿, Toroiyādo-Kyō?) This is however not true. (Similar to Earth). (AZ2: "Toll for the Brave"), Following the defeat of Herschel, Lemrina disguised as Asseylum announced her marriage to Slaine, thus making him heir apparent to the throne of Vers. And I promise you, the people who killed your father will pay for what they did", Slaine replied. Slaine smirks while tapping his forehead, signifying to Inaho to shoot him in the head. It is not the fault of the United Earth Government that you have nothing! Vers Imperial Palace Library, about 2 minutes later. Because he was born on Earth, he faces a lot of discrimination from the people of Mars. It was obvious that Slaine would have won and when he did win by killing the Count, I started to see him as a dictator. And when the time comes, we'll be back for her". When he reached the balcony, he couldn't believe his eyes- a spacecraft about twice the size of a large cargo plane was hovering, apparently using a VTOL system of some kind, out of a hidden bay door in the courtyard.

(AZ2: "Inherit the Stars"). I suppose this means we're even. Shortly after taking Saazbaum's title, Slaine is challenged to a duel by Count Marylcian, who believes (correctly) that he assassinated Saazbaum in order to take power. (Nothing good ever comes out of this). The real Asseylum wakes up from her coma, but with amnesia, which Slaine attempts to prolong to hide evidence of his actions which went entirely against the princess' wishes for peace. Slaine Troyard. "Slaine, take Asseylum and go, I will face them", Emperor Rayregalia Vers Rayvers said, "Take the escape tunnel, hurry!". Two days later, Vers City, the surface of Mars. His loyalty to the her can be further attested by the fact that even when he was being tortured, he would still not reveal that she was alive. Crimes Oleg tried to force his foe into cover by blind-firing a burst of about six rounds, however, the shots, predictibly, missed by a wide margin, blowing out a window on the second floor of the palace.

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18 diamonds; 3,211 views, 3 today; 700 downloads, 1 today; 15 comments; 7 favorites; 18. "At once, comrade", the VLA soldiers said in unison, and exited the palace, leaving Oleg to enter the hallway behind the throne, the same one that Slaine and Asseylum entered mere minutes earlier. is one of the main characters of the ALDNOAH.ZERO television series. It had to be his target- Asseylum Vers Allusia, along wiht one other. With great surprise, Slaine spotted the Princess alive and well when the Kataphrakt was defeated.

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He even has the audacity of telling her to her face that he's going to subjugate Earth for, and when she protests he has her arrested.

Zerochan has 267 Slaine Troyard anime images, wallpapers, HD wallpapers, Android/iPhone wallpapers, fanart, facebook covers, and many more in its gallery. "Those days were all gone...", Slaine internally mused briefly, before returning to reality and entering the secret passage behind the bookshelf. From that day onwards, Slaine has been by her side as a tutor, telling her many wonderful stories about Earth. He treats Slaine with the utmost respect despite Slaine being younger and a Terran, because Harklight comes from a lower class family, and looks up to Slaine as an example of someone who has climbed the ranks of nobility in the Vers Empire, the land of no opportunity. (AZ2: "The Rose and the Ring"), After Empress Asseylums' announcement that the Imperial Family wishes to make peace between the Vers Empire and Earth, Slaine decides to disregard her command to cease all hostilities. If Slaine really meant what he had said, then he could have made a big difference in the lives of those people that have very little or nothing. Amazingly, his AK-74 has also survived the impact, appearing to have been thrown away from the Minervan Fralk's now-charred carcass as the bomb exploded. I'm not sure if this can be classified as murder but Slaine definitely wanted Saazbaum out of the picture. During the evacuation Sir Harklight decides to make a selfish decision and continue to fight along with the Stygis Squad.

The ending for this blonde character was a rather sad one. Overthrow Rayregalia Vers Rayvers's feudal government.Seize power. I guess Trillram's words to Slaine about hurting and assasinating Asseylum, really caused a bloodvessel to pop in the blonde's head. Slaine while smirking taps his head with a finger signify to Inaho to shoot him in the head after the two crash land on the Earth. The Vers Empire was ripe for revolution... Vers Imperial Capital, Vers Empire, Mars, September 2013, five months since Oleg's arrival, "Workers of Vers! Slaine sets out to find Inaho because he is the pilot of the orange Kataphrakt that managed to defeat two Orbital Knights and that he saw that the Princess was alive with him. He's not too bad to look at either >.<. As he reached out to touch the yellow orb that was the Landing Castle's Aldnoah drive, it glowed bright yellow. "Only one way to find out", Chernenko replied, "And if he was lying, I'll see to Cruhteo personally".
The hidden underground bay doors were open, and the ship hovered up, like a Harrier jump jet, out of one of the courtyards. Full Name

Assisting with Inaho's fight against the Kataphrakt, they were able to defeat it with their combined skills. "In the name of the people of the Vers Socialist Republic, I command you, activate! Any moment now, they would overwhelm the last of the guards and break in. "She'll be okay, She's a bright girl. Motivated by seeing his soldiers fight again, Slaine joins the fight, and faces off with Inaho Kaizuka for the final battle.

19 months later, Asseylum is still comatose, but Saazbaum has recovered and his knighted Slaine, who is now Tharsis' regular pilot. But after the Hellas is defeated, Slaine aims at Inaho worried that United Earth was exploiting the Princess but Inaho shoots down Slaine's Sky Carrier down first due to distrust and as far as he knew, the only Martians who knew Asseylum was still alive were assassins. I think it's fair to say that Trillram was just a victim of Slaine's rage and feeling of betrayal. Slaine Troyard / ALDNOAH.ZERO. Inaho then manages to escape after leading Slaine into a trap by firing at some steam pipes, causing the steam to envelop Slaine. Fortunately, Slaine is rescued by Vers princess Asseylum Vers Allusia, who gave him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, saving his life.

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