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However, then again, if you buy a NT4 then you know that this is what it is and you have a need for a no-fuss quality piece of kit. Convenience. There are two cables that work with the microphone’s 5-pin output. Terry Manning. I need something The accessories that come stock with the NT4 really make a complete package for both field and studio work. Anyone seriously into stereo recording should give the NT4 a listen. I have been using this mic for field recordings (9V internal power) for film FX/ambient sound and foley (48 V phantom). In both cases it positively shines. For well under a grand, the Rode NT4 is a stereo mic that travels easily, can be powered from a battery and sounds like it costs nearly twice as much. The NT4′s fixed microphones always ensure that your recordings are perfectly 90 degrees out of phase, giving you a full sounding recording every time. Anybody have any experience or opinions regarding the Rode NT4 as a mic for gathering field effects-- wind, thunder, general ambience? The NT-4 is an amazing microphone… or two!

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