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A health worker takes a nasal swab sample during public testing conducted at a market in Bali, Indonesia, on June 12. “They went to school together and were in the same football team. Accepting the party line was not good enough then and it is certainly not tolerable now.

The Hillsborough campaign has fought for truth and justice. Professor John Ashton CBE President ... John was North West Regional Director of Public Health and Regional Medical Officer from 1993 to 2006 and Director of Public Health and County Medical Officer for Cumbria from 2006 to 2013. billy mcgee • 8 years ago
He added: “My experience with Gary has provided perhaps the exemplar of what could have happened if some of the others had been treated like that.

“Unfortunately he had seen fit to go on television on 15 April when he said more lives could have been saved if staff and equipment had arrived earlier.”. He said: “I assumed that there would be people to report to and be told how to help.”. Visitors hold reproductions of the Mona Lisa outside the Louvre Museum as it reopens its doors following a 16-week closure due to lockdown measures, in Paris, France, on July 6. He was sitting in the West Stand, above the terraces where the fatal crush happened, with his two sons and nephew and went to the inner concourse after a call for doctors in the stadium. This is reminiscent of the way SYP and the government blamed supporters. “I thought that this looked like a situation that would result in casualties.

Spain saw demonstrations in some 28 cities under the slogan “Red Alert” in a cry for more support for the entertainment and events sector, which has been in paralysis since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. BMJ Opinion provides comment and opinion written by The BMJ's international community of readers, authors, and editors. Personnel of the National Health Service perform Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) tests on the population to detect COVID-19 cases in San Cristóbal, Dominican Republic, on June 13. He told the court that though 999 workers were doing their best, ambulances were slow to arrive and estimated that a steady stream of ambulances only began to arrive at Hillsborough at 3.45pm. Dr Phillips, who is still in touch with Gary and his family today, said: “Gary was incredibly lucky to be found on the pitch very quickly by somebody who knew CPR and somebody who knew you had to keep it going for a decent length of time. MPs expenses and newspaper hacking are only the latest examples. All rights reserved. Jonathan Hough QC, counsel to the inquests, asked him if at any time he “detected any sign of the hospital’s major accident procedure having been activated”, and Dr Walker said he didn’t. That night when I got back to Liverpool I went straight in to the Radio City studio, where I was a regular medical guest and told Liverpool the truth about what had happened. This horror cannot be swept under the carpet like Hillsborough was for so long.

Other medics and nurses who had been at the game appeared and for the next hour or so we busied ourselves systematically examining, sorting, and despatching our patients. He told the jury that on young patients, medics would carry on attempts at cardiac resuscitation for a long time, and that he couldn’t recall having to abandon resuscitation at that sort of stage on a young patient.

The inquests into the deaths of the 96 Liverpool fans are not expected to finish until next year. Prime Minister Cameron exonerated Mrs Thatcher this week in an otherwise fulsome and welcome apology to Liverpool, the families, and the supporters. ©JPIMedia Publishing Ltd. All rights reserved. A university graduate student receives a paper copy of her diploma from a neighbor, as they adhere to social distancing norms, at a surprise graduation party, in Washington, D.C., U.S., on May 17. Once at the Leppings Lane end he was taken through the tunnel to the concourse where he helped with casualties. He went on to give evidence to the Taylor Inquiry, but said his experience there made him apprehensive about appearing at the inquests in Birchwood Park, Warrington. He said: “There was a man came up to the police and was in a state of distress and he said, ‘There are kids dying in there. He said: “I was surprised that I wasn’t called but by that time I was very bruised by my experience at the Taylor Inquiry. If you lose a loved one in a disaster it must be a hundred times worse. “They went to school together and were in the same football team. Nuns wearing face masks walk across a street in Rome, Italy, on Sept. 25. You will have a depression the likes of which you have never seen," the president said in Erie. ... See MoreSee Less, Time to get ready for school ! A sign outside the Hollywood Hotel in Surry Hills warning people to keep their distance, in Sydney, Australia, on Aug. 22. For more information on how to submit, please see our instructions for authors. The failure to recognise and call a Major Incident led to delays in responses to the emergency.”. “It was frustrating but nowhere near as upsetting and frustrating as it must have been for the families.”, He added: “I cannot fathom why he didn’t call us, other than he specifically did not want to hear our evidence, in which case the first inquests were coloured and flawed before they even started.”. It would take until 2012’s Hillsborough Independent Panel and the second inquests two years later for the general public to realise the true extent of the whitewash. Nevertheless, Ashton sees those in a position of power wriggling out of accepting any culpability for their actions. Professor John Ashton and Dr Glyn Phillips who both gave evidence at the Hillsborough inquests “He was 14 and he was the same age as my son, Nick.

He is the director of public health and county medical officer for Cumbria. © Liverpool FC - Handout/Liverpool FC via Getty Images, Dentists Say This Little-Known Trick Will Easily Fix Bad Breath Forever, New Car Gadget Magically Removes Scratches & Dents, © Chaideer Mahyuddin/AFP via Getty Images, © Filippo Monteforte/AFP via Getty Images, © Omar Marques/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images, © Saudi Ministry of Media/Handout via Reuters, © Pratham Gokhale/Hindustan Times/Shutterstock, © Pierre-Philippe Marcou/AFP via Getty Images.
He added: “My experience with Gary has provided perhaps the exemplar of what could have happened if some of the others had been treated like that. In the months after the disaster, he gave evidence to the Taylor inquiry but said barrister Michael Kallipetis, representing South Yorkshire Ambulance Service, attempted to discredit him. The authorities, who have not provided enough PPE for health workers, have suggested that the shortage is because hospital employees are misusing the essential apparatus. After that, he said, said he rarely spoke about the disaster.

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