marshall chapman songs i can t live without

—William Broyles Jr That combination of his production values and Chapman's emotive voice works wonders. Her 2013 release, Blaze of Glory, was hailed a masterpiece.

Songs I Can’t Live Without will be released on May 15 and is available for preorder now. An hour later, we were still talking.

The CD is available for purchase at Marshall Chapman's website.
2. Listen to your favorite songs from Songs I Can't Live Without by Marshall Chapman Now. A few years later, when I was fourteen, I saw the Shirelles live at the National Guard Armory in Spartanburg. Marshall Chapman has been making records for longer than most of today’s indie rockers have been alive. As I entered the control room, we introduced ourselves. Decades later, my songwriter-friend Matraca Berg would insist I come to the Bluebird Café [in Nashville] for an in-the-round she was playing for Tin Pan South. What can I say, other than we were madly in love.

—Rodney Crowell, Over the 9 or 10 thousand gigs Marshall Chapman and I have ever done together, I’d hear her play her own brilliant songs and then she’d hit you with a Hoagy Carmichael number, or “Going Away Party” or any number of classic tunes. Songs I Can’t Live Without; Blaze Of Glory; Big Lonesome; Mellowicious! Then it hit me that a gospel song might be the ticket.

It is the reason she writes the way she does, and why she knows a good song when she hears it.—Emmylou Harris, She is the princess of song pirates.

Next thing I know, it’s late at night and I’m winding my way through the dark streets of East Nashville, trying to find this guy’s studio. Then I started singing it. We were on the floor of his apartment. “I Still Miss Someone” (John R. Cash/Roy Cash, Jr.).

It’s one of those songs you know the minute you hear it. Fast forward forty-three years. He even had nicknames for us. A week after that, I contracted something called c.diff colitis that damned near killed me. ***, Releases announced on are added by the content owner via opt-in only. If anybody calls Songs I Can’t Live Without a “covers album,” they deserve a smack in the mouth. I hope you enjoy this as much as we enjoyed recording it.

“Sing that song about ‘He’s Got the Whole World in his Hands’.” So I’d start singing it in my little eight-year-old voice. The exhibit will run until Feb. 14, 2021. The year was 1972. Marshall is currently featured in “Outlaws & Armadillos: Country’s Roaring ’70s” at the Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum in Nashville. I love this record, Marshall!—Billy Swan, When Marshall (here in the South we pronounce it Maah-shul) asked me to offer up a few words about her new album, she explained it contained no originals, only "songs that have kept my soul alive over the years."

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This song says everything there is to say about what it means to be a songwriter, the mortality of us human beings, the immortality of great art, and yes, regret. But in 2013, as my marriage was disintegrating, I started singing to myself late at night, just to assuage myself of the grief that was making it difficult to breathe.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Marshall Chapman has been making records for longer than most of today’s indie rockers have been alive. She finds new phrasing, new meanings and new depths in these classics.

She is Rapunzel in the Tower of Song. Songs I Can’t Live WithoutMarshall’s new CD now available! Then it hit me that a gospel song might be the ticket. Anyway, this was Spartanburg, South Carolina. So when it came my turn, I sang “Don’t Be Cruel.” I don’t remember ever learning this song. It is the reason she writes the way she does. I fell in love with that album and learned every song on it. That’s because Barry loved children.

Forty years later, I sang this at a Vin Scelsa songwriter showcase at the Bottom Line in NYC.

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