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[102][103], Today's historians give great credit to Marina's diplomatic skills, with some "almost tempted to think of her as the real conqueror of Mexico.

Records disagree about the exact name of the altepetl where she was born into. But was she a heroine or a traitor? The historical figure of Marina has been intermixed with Aztec legends (such as that of La Llorona, a ghost woman who weeps for her lost children). [86] Later accounts specifically claimed that the plot was uncovered by Malinche. [7][21] Moreover, there would be little reason for the Spaniards to ask the natives what their personal names were before christening them with similar-sounding Spanish names. [39] Townsend notes that while Olutla at the time probably had a Popoluca majority, the ruling elite, which Malinche supposedly belonged to, would have been Nahuatl-speaking. The probanza of her grandson also mentioned Olutla as her birthplace. Racism in Mexico: Cultural Roots and Clinical Interventions1. What do you think? [41][42] The fact that she was often referred to as a doña, at the time when it was not commonly used even in Spain, also indicates that she was viewed as a noblewoman,[18] although it is also possible that the honorific was attributed to her because of her important role in the conquest. Born in the Mexican Valley ruled by the Aztecs, she grew up in the Nahuatl-speaking lands at … So this summarizes Malinalli’s life up until meeting Cortés. According to the version provided by Díaz, she was approached by a Cholulan noblewoman who promised her a marriage to the woman's son if she were to switch side. [50][e] This would later enable her to communicate with Jerónimo de Aguilar, another interpreter for Cortes who also spoke Yucatec Maya, alongside his native Spanish. [13], Her name at birth is unknown. [44][94] Gomara writes that Moctezuma was "speaking through Malinche and Aguilar", although other records indicate that Malinche was already translating directly,[44] as she had quickly learned some Spanish herself. [22], Another title that is often assumed to be part of her original name is 'Tenepal'. Malinali (c. 1500–1550), also known as Malintzín, " Doña Marina," and, most commonly, "Malinche," was a native Mexican woman who was given to conquistador Hernan Cortes as an enslaved person in 1519. Quotes are from: Bernal Diaz, The Conquest of New Spain, Trans. Her ability to translate for Cortés elevated her status in the party and granted her certain protections. Malinche's birthdate is unknown, but it is estimated to be around 1500, and likely no later than 1505.

I graduated with a Master's Degree in public history from UNC Wilmington in 2015. ( Log Out /  Chaison, Joanne.

[72] The translation chain grew even longer when, after the emissaries left, they met the Totonacs,[73] whose language was unintelligible to both Malinche and Aguilar. Florentine Codex, Book XII, Chapter IX[54], Early in his expedition to Mexico, Cortés was confronted by the Mayas at Potonchán. La Malinche was born Malinal, the daughter of an Aztec cacique (chief). It was here that Malinche started to learn the Chontal Maya language, and perhaps also Yucatec Maya.

Get your fix of JSTOR Daily’s best stories in your inbox each Thursday. 2, Chicanas en el Ambiente Nacional/Chicanas in the National Landscape (Summer, 1980), pp. The term malinchista refers to a disloyal compatriot, especially in Mexico.

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