kurt warner hall of fame speech

We’d play until it got so dark we couldn’t see the football, or until we couldn’t feel our fingers or toes, only to return refreshed the following week. You think I’ve been through stuff. To those listening tonight, don’t miss your moments. Together, we’ve ridden this amazing ride.

His impact had little to do with the finer points of being a QB, but had everything to do with the competitor I would become on the field. Rest assured, I never went down that path. Copyright © 2020, ‘Get an NFL team to sign me, I’m in.’. It was the chance I had been waiting for. I was reminded of watching my mom do those exact things. His final moment was for me. Mike Martz, your football brilliance brought out the best in me. It made all the difference. The moments when this know-it-all kid didn’t have all the answers, and I didn’t always know what was best for me. I spent the greater part of my childhood trying to be these incredible players. For years, I wondered if my someone was out there. In more ways than one. I practiced their throwing motions and memorized their movements, thinking that was how I would get here. Not very often do you find out your football future in the hallway of the facility, but after everything else I’d been through, why should this surprise me? Playing with a bunch of guys that didn’t make much money, didn’t have the greatest accommodations and didn’t necessarily have long-term futures playing the game, but simply wanted to do something they loved for as long as they could. Relax. Z.T., Jesse, Kade, Jada, E.J., Sienna and Sierra, undeniably, you are my greatest motivators. Thanks for being my someone. But if there’s one great truth that I’ve learned from this great game, it’s that no great accomplishment is ever achieved by yourself. Because trust me, no NFL scout comes running into Aisle 7 at 3 a.m. looking for their next QB. I was stocking the cereal aisle, opened up a case of Wheaties and on the box was one of the men with a seat behind me: Dan Marino. The greatest joy in my life has been having you by my side.

It would be the one that followed. But the class that you showed while dealing with the toughest of situations is etched in my mind. Moments that few have heard about, and even fewer witnessed.

I, possibly more than anyone else up here, embrace that I am being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Ready for the next step? Just like Wile E. Coyote in the old cartoons, I would commit the rest of my life to pursuing the most amazing creature I’d ever met. The votes were split down the middle. But due to my long and winding path to realize my ultimate dream, I would need another someone. The most difficult came in college when I found myself sitting on the bench for four long years. We’ve since added five more children. People say, ‘Hollywood couldn’t have written it any better.’ After this, they don’t have a chance. Former NFL Cardinal and Rams quarterback Kurt Warner was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio this past weekend. It was Al, extending his same offer, to which I responded with the same conditions.
But that all changed when I showed up at high school. When I was a teenager, there were those moments of enlightenment. My biggest hurdle: the willingness to stand in the pocket and get hit. That's because of my Lord up above. According to, at the end of his Hall of Fame speech, Warner proclaimed, “His final moment was for me, my final moment is for Him.

In his speech marking the momentous occasion, Warner gave credit to Jesus. He's on television — I get that part of it. Now, love it or hate it, that opening scene captured the imagination of the sports world, and the words became the heart of my story. And we don’t all get to choose the substance of our moments.
The next Steve Largent, Charlie Joiner or Lynn Swann. I've got to say thanks to Jesus; you knew I was going to do it, but I've got to do it. All right, now it's getting real. Coach B, thanks for caring about me so much that you wouldn’t let me settle for anything but my best. I came here tonight to say thank you to all of those who crossed my path and didn’t miss their moment to mark on me. People say Hollywood couldn't have written it any better. I’m sorry, Terry, you know I love you now. If I wanted different results, I needed to change my course.

I believe I stand here tonight because of what I did with the moments I was given. But its greatest contribution? Former Arizona Cardinals and St. Louis Rams cornerback Aeneas Williams receives his gold jacket at the Hall of Fame Dinner Friday night. Because your yeses fanned my spark into a flame and your yeses kept me going when everyone else was saying no. Now, like most people, I wondered if this league could do anything for my ultimate dream of playing in the NFL. Aeneas Williams took some time during his Hall of Fame enshrinement speech to explain why Jerry Jones and the rest of the Dallas Cowboys should thank him for their new stadium. We don’t all get to choose the nature of our moments. If you guys would stand up. And for choosing me for the lead in this once-in-a-lifetime role. I’ll never forget the moment I made the team. For those who have witnessed my career from the outside, you will undoubtedly use the milestones – Super Bowls, MVPs and, of course, tonight – as the defining moments of my career. Former Arizona Cardinals and St. Louis Rams defensive back Aeneas Williams gives a memorable speech at the 2014 Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Ceremony. They leave their impression upon us. That moment with your kids, your spouse, your siblings, with your friends, your teammates, your players. Al called numerous different teams. I wanted to play more in college, I wanted to hear my name on draft day, and I had no plans of working in a grocery store. My jersey didn’t have a nameplate. She told me to be grateful for my opportunity, even if it didn’t look like I wanted it to look. Then I’d write the last name of the man who would be the star of that day’s show. So no matter how great he was, there was no way I was wearing a jersey with a Steeler QB on the back. But then it happened. You see, my dream to play in the NFL didn’t start with the QB position. So to Jim Foster: Thank you, for doodling on that manila envelope. Marshall told me that there would be a moment when it just hits you. Moments which would shape my character and set the stage for one unforgettable journey. Article Images Copyright © Getty Images unless otherwise indicated. One in particular, a country bar named Wile E. Coyote’s. There were the moments when football changed from a pastime to a passion, like when my two brothers and I would head outside on Saturday morning. He pulled me aside and told me he wasn’t interested in the score or the scoreboard, or if I was the best player on the court. But I was crippled by the fear of the unknown.

Just to set the record straight, yes, you were the one that cut me. Thank you for never quitting on your greatest passion, your boys, and for not allowing me to quit on mine. To be successful is contingent on others, and it always starts with someone taking a chance on you.

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