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This beautiful GT 500 has sold but it looks like they currently have another 1967 Eleanor Mustang for sale with a Ford Big Block V8, Holley 4 Barrel Carbs, Reccaro seats, and a whole bunch of cool goodies. We feel honored and fortunate to have had the opportunity to continue the legacy of producing the beautiful and nostalgic Cobra Replica Kit Car, along with our 29 "A" Roadster, Daytona Coupe Series II, Cheetah, Jag and our line of Jeep fiberglass … Really nice lens. 888-246-0900, Click on one of the replica kit cars below for more information, 2-Piece Fiberglass Stock Car/Hobby Stock Roof. Be blessed!!! And it has to be red. does anyone know where to get the GT headlight covers from the early 70s. All these kits are horrible. your lens makes me full of throttle thanks for sharing. Looking for a kit car for my beetle chassis. I can't imagine the hours of work it must take to make one of these. Back in the late 80's a friend of mine had a car with a big giant cobra decal on the hood but it wasn't a mustang and it wasn't a Shelby GT. saltwaterfishtankguide on September 15, 2012: I'm drivin' an '89 Chevy Beretta... not much to be jealous of :), @DMVAgent: I agree kit cars have come a long way. 1956 Willys M38A1 / CJ5 Grey 4WD Manual 1942 Willys Americar Sedan Sedan Buckeye Red STUNNER Manual Deluxe Cool Car!!!!! Nobody wants kits of these old ass cars. 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback GT350 Recreation. Was just wondering if anybody might have a lead on one. Answer: We are not a body manufacturer ourselves. These Kit car replicas are amazing! This amazing automobile is stunning to look at and drive, and it has only 198 actual miles! LOL Cool lens and I learned something new today. Definitely a fine selection of kit cars. SUPER LOUD, SUPER FAST. Love the pictures ~ that must be something, driving one of these sweet beauties! If you are building your own kit cars, you'll need to learn all you can about composites, from the safe use of materials to the best resin and fiber system including the different types of both resin and fiber. 1976 1977 1978 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Special Edition Bandit Decals. You put a lot of work into putting this lens together. This lens is an awesome showcase of some pretty rad kit cars ... nicely done. and put a body on it to make it look like an older p.o.s well thats just dumb.

Have you such body kits and what is the price. No junk in those trunks! Shell Valley's Jag C-Type Replica body has an aerodynamic, high quality state-of-the-art roadster body. With a buy-it-now price of $99,900, no expense was spared in creating this memorable Mustang. Also, some do not provide even basic safety design for occupant protection. Some kit cars are poorly designed and do not have adjustments for seats, belts, etc. Always been a fan of the Ford GT - wish I could afford one! Interesting and .a useful link to read and share, but it's too long. amazingly, 4 of the top 10 sales years came with these Mustang II years. it was a boxie looking car'', Beach buggy kits have got to be the simplest and quickest on vw undercarrage, These guys sell quality custom body kits of exotics. Ben Reed from Redcar on February 26, 2012: Nice Lens. I had no idea you could build an actual car! Great site Just found it.

All engines are equipped with Weber carburettors. The ‘Classic 120 & 140’ replicas of the renowned Jaguar XK 120 OTS (open two seater) of the late Nineteen-Forties and early Fifties. Great page about kit car replicas :). Here is another amazing replica crafted as a tribute to the GT350 in beautiful black over black. And then buy this beauty for your collection! Great car Lens - hopefully mine will do as well one day! Great lens BTW!! Thanks. COMPANY INFO |  | REQUEST A BROCHURE | GALLERY | CONTACT US. I love kit cars ... so much cheaper and easier than tracking down and fully restoring an original. The entire front end and grille were hand shaped. I was cruising the automotive section on Amazon and discovered a little gem for us kit car fans - car kit decals! Though a replica, still it looks like the original. I bought a kit from them and it was golden. Rusty-Quill the1967 Shelby Mustang GT500E Eleanor is pretty awesome. 1937 Jaguar SS100 Replica. It is written in an easy-to-read and often humorous style that will take your mind off the frustrations of your own build and give you the inspiration to get back in the garage. This fun little hot rod sports a rebuilt Buick Nailhead engine and a Powerglide 2-speed transmission that rides really nice 'n smooth.

Depending on what type of fiberglass body you are looking for your best bet is probably to keep an eye on eBay or perhaps local listing sites like craigslist. These three books on composite materials are among the best rated by fiberglass kit car builders. This is one absolutely fantastic recreation of the world famous 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500E Eleanor recently sold by Sunset Classics! There wasn't a whole lot of info about this build but it sure looks nice. this is a good loens, I would love to own any of those cars. The estimated 0-60 mph time is less than 3 seconds! Hi im looking for a camaro 2018 or 2017 camaro fiberglass body like rians car on street outlaws to build a drag car from scratch is there any site i can go and look at prices or fotos or anything like that. Many of the better kits are hard to even distinguish from an original anyway. Here is a very nice looking Porsche Speedster replica built by Automobili Intermeccanica in 1977 (only 608 built between 1976-1980). All I can say is I wish I had about 10k to spend because it would be gone in, well, less than 60 seconds. . I have always wanted to build a kitcar. Got nothing more to say :). Whatever your flavor: VW, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Cobra kit, or a classic Speedster Porsche. Now I know where to go to find information. What a sweet car lens, im a Builder myself but not of cars lol. Vivid Racing carries Novitec Body Kits such as Front Bumpers, Front Splitters, Rear Wings, Rear Diffusers, Side Skirts, and more for Ferrari 360, 430, 458, 550/575 and 599. Looking to take your Porsche Boxster and make her really get noticed? . While not technically a Ferrari Kit Car, this is a real beauty! Even though the car is brand new it is registered as 1966. Im hoping somebody can help me with a name of a car.

. You have some really great info on here thanks for posting it. More info and current pricing at the link above. i am writing in more details about car body kit please check out. She needs a bit of work (she's missing an engine and transmission plus the wood floors and the dash need replacing) but she is solid, rust-free, and comes with some nice goodies. Jaguar XKSS replica can be fitted with six-cylinder Jaguar engine – 3.4L, 3.8L or 4.2L. B : ), Love old cars. Take a look at all the details on this fantastic 1966 Ford GT40, including photos and video.

Over $100,000 dollars was spent over twelve years on this beauty.

We also produce custom fiberglass products such as: race car roofs, go-kart bodies, water tanks, airboats, vent hoods, building roof panels, tractor radiator shells, and many more. Take a peek at all the high-performance specs on this stunning beauty as well as two photo galleries and even a video! Replica cars, kits and components manufacturer. :D I like sports car more! Precision Porsche makes these body kits from very durable and strong high quality fiberglass. Worried that your fiberglass body or body for your 67 Roadster kit car won’t come out looking its best? Anything else is just pretend :-). Thanks to carlos burgos, I love vintage cars.... the queens of the road, It has to be Ferrari. Has everyone one here lost there mind. . where is the luxurypart rebody kits the lamborghini reventon rebody kits. looking for plans for a kit car from the 70's called the doomie bug' it was in the pm. Be sure to view all the photos and read the detailed description on this 1967 Mustang GT350, then give them your best offer and drive her home! Very nice lens. It is totally reinforced with fiberglass matte, resin and chopped glass. This is a cool famous muscle car kit on a budget! I've always wanted to build a kit car.

You got real nice lens there! These three books on composite materials are among the best rated by fiberglass kit car builders. Awesome lens! Take a look at this 1957 Shelby Cobra Replica at Left Coast Classics. Here is your chance to vote for your favorite! ~~Blessed~~, love the lambo kit car if only i had the money, great site love the shelby my girl friends name is Eleanor. So hop on over quick if you are looking to shop for body kits, ground effects, spoilers, or carbon fiber hoods.

JAG C-Type Replica. Every car is handcrafted to the highest standard by skilled & enthusiastic technicians. The hood was lengthened and reshaped on the whole top surface. With 997TT or 987 style vents, 996 GT2, 996 T/A, 996 GT3, or 997 GT3 Style Front Bumper. Thanks! Been looking all over.

Currently featured is a wicked 1966 Ford GT40 replica signed by Carol Shelby! The quality of the build is apparent everywhere you look with many original Porsche parts used in place of the standard kit parts. I can see why this is such a popular site. There was a lot of love put into this beauty. The car can be fitted with all-aluminum engine Jaguar XK type with dry sump which was used in original cars. Each panel was shaped and prepared piece by piece over a 3 year period. I like kit cars, but plan on taking the same approach the La Bala guy took: building your car from scratch, that looks rewarding. Great!

Our fiberglass bodies include: All of our models use original factory specifications. It includes: This is a nice little book on kit cars with updated examples of new designs and developments that have become available over the last few years. Very very nice cars and kits, Great lens.

Check out this sweet Porsche wide body kit for 1998 - 2004 Porsche Boxsters. As you would expect all major components are supplied by Jaguar, either new or fully overhauled. Most people spend more time and money than planned before completing their kit project. Interesting lens. Not in the market for slamming down $100k-300k+ for a new Ferrari? or whenever I get around to changing it . This rare 1937 Jaguar SS100 Replica is the find of the day, or week, or month—take your pick. ROFL I came to this lens expecting to see those little plastic models that my brother used to build in his bedroom. Stacey explores the history of the legendary Jaguar D-type racecar and introduces a D-type Jag From Race Car Replicas that is sure to become a legend of its own. We offer 30 years of experience in the fiberglass industry, providing all our reinforced classic fiberglass car bodies at the highest of quality. The 1929 Merc Gazelle is such a beauty!!!

. Beverly Lemley from Raleigh, NC on November 10, 2011: Sweet lense! Love the lens kit cars are great hobbies. I have a 29 Mercedes gazelle kit for sale with the doner car parts 708 9694254. i build 3 kit replica cars i love to do that. . If you have ever dreamed of owning an antique auto or collectible automobile, Antique & Collectible Autos Inc. can make your dream come true through our fiberglass body and street rod body replicas. and we all probably thought they were cool when Farah was driving it, but we also thought bell bottoms and 5" collars were cool too. Take a peek at these Ferrari body kits from Novitec. If VW kit cars and dune buggies rev your engine like they do mine, swing on over to the brand new VW Kit Cars page on to find more photos and auctions to satisfy your exotic and classic car itch.

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