how to spot a troll on facebook

Also, if you identify an account as a troll or bot – just stop answering its posts, comments etc. If their account was created very recently, it's likely a troll. Troll type: New service addict But be careful.

A social media troll, by definition, is someone who creates conflict on sites like Twitter, Facebook and Reddit by posting messages that are particularly controversial or inflammatory with the sole intent of provoking an emotional (read: angry) response from other users. Do they name call or ridicule you or your friends? Social networks provide a slew of opportunities to connect with old friends, but that doesn't mean you need to befriend your third-grade buddy Bill, whom you haven't had a discussion with in 20 years. Bigger companies hire social media marketing companies to handle their accounts -- including the trolls, because they understand that social media, is a 24/7 venture that never sleeps and needs to be tended. But if you post up the troll’s personal information, they can come back at you. If you think you are being trolled, check out these tips for spotting and dealing with social media trolls. I've come across five distinctive kinds of Facebook trolls, and I'm sure you've dealt with them too. Check the mutual friends on the left. They may send you a few requests before they get the message, which is fine, but unless you want to be annoyed over the next year with more friend requests and ridiculous notifications on Facebook, it's best if you turn the other cheek.
By learning the trivium method you can learn the tricks that are being used against you and protect you and yours. Sadly, they've put you in a tough position. Enough, certainly, to recognize a few types of unpleasant characters. Confirm or ignore? You both get to add one more friend to your running total and it won't be awkward next time you see them at the bar. Before dancing hamsters, Godwin's Law, and free AOL CDs in the mail, pot-stirring Internet trolls were sowing discord and starting flame wars on early message boards. On the other hand, nobody thinks of it like that, and many want to have as many "friends" as possible. The Magazine Premium Theme by Decide carefully. However, do take note that this approach can also backfire. Don't try to fight fire with fire. On balance, it's probably best to add them as a friend and not worry about it. 7) Get informed. Your vote is your voice! Such symbolism is often in the top banner on their wall, or in their avatar. In this day and age of high technology it’s important that we all realize the reality of, and learn to identify, expose, and stop, cyber-bullies, trolls and counterintelligence agents – for many reasons: Trolls, cyber-bullies and counterintelligence agents waste billions of your tax dollars to intentionally mislead you on serious public matters. If they're not holding up their end, they shouldn't be encouraged. Trying to reason with a troll is a waste of time -- yours, not theirs, because they obviously have little else to do.

By staying silent you may just unleash an avalanche of trolling since no one is "reading this" anyway., How the Government Manipulates Your Thoughts Online | Big Brother Watch © CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. Please share this article with everyone you know so that we may all benefit and prosper by the identification, and especially removal, of these counterintelligence infestations. They sign up for the service, add friends during the first week, and never go back. they're your actual friend. You don't need an excuse to vote early. I've decided to share this information with the public to help you identify them as … Troll, gang-stalker, and counterintelligence agent interactive online tactics include: 1) Being the first poster on a new thread, and will typically post up irrelevant information, or snide comments to prevent others from commenting or following the thread. If you see long, thoughtful, original, well thought out comments, it's likely not a troll or counterintelligence agent, at least not a low level one anyway.
After going through many hundreds of friend requests each month on Facebook I've learned to spot many, not all, but many paid cyber-trolls, gang-stalkers, and counterintelligence agents. If they take the troll bait, try to jump in and squelch the situation before it gets out of hand. 6) Study the trivium method.

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