how to create a packaging design mockup in illustrator

After entering that new color, press ‘Return’ on the keyboard or click ‘OK’ twice to apply the changes and close out of both panels. When the next dialog box appears we just want to make sure both the ‘Fill’ and the ‘Stroke’ are checked off and then click ‘OK’ or press ‘Return’ on the keyboard to continue. Whether it’s a packet for your M&Ms, a hamper for your dirty laundry or the bottle that holds the delicious liquid particles of your beer together, the things we put things in are important. You are so welcome Celina, we hope you learnt something cool today :D, Thanks for this! Press Command/Ctrl+A to select all of the text in the text box and then use the Character panel to change the font to ‘Tomkin’ and here we can use the same ‘Regular’ version of the typeface or feel free to use another similar font if you don’t have access to all of the styles. Let’s move this window to the side for a moment and return to the main mockup file where we now want to go into the ‘Black Coffee Package’ folder and double click the Smart Object so that we can drill down into the flat artwork for the bag and bring it over onto the cup. 2. Press ‘V’ to switch to your Selection Tool and then click on the circle we just created. Product packaging design refers to the creation of the exterior of a product.

Yay! You may also want to push the middle up a bit as well but you will see that after modifying this a bit it looks better. Vector

To do this, click on the Artboard Tool just above the Zoom Tool in the toolbar. We would probably be okay with only one, but I like having an extra one in case we need some room to experiment. You should now have something like this: Return to the Stroke panel and increase the ‘Weight’ of the line to ’50 pt’ as shown here: Select the thick stroke and then press Command/Ctrl+C and then Command/Ctrl+F to copy and paste it on top of the original, and then drag outwards while holding the Alt/Option+Shift keys again to create another copy that is larger than the previous circle like this: Press ‘V’ to switch back to the Selection Tool and then click on either of the thick strokes, hold the Shift key and select the second one so they are both selected together.

Once we have crafted our logo, we will then bring it into Photoshop and place it onto some realistic packaging mockups from the Essential Packaging & Branding Mockup to bring it all together. Once you have that set up, change the size of the text to about ‘102.46 pt’ with a tracking setting of ’40’ so that the letters can be spaced out a bit. I learned a bunch of new things from this tutorial. Here we want to continue holding down the mouse after clicking and moving it around to create the bottom curve similar to the one shown here: Click on the most recent anchor point to reset it, and then click towards the top right side of the cup to connect the handle to the top. 2. Even though we couldn’t see the white in the wifi signal and the ‘RED’ sometimes you may get a bit of a thin outline or edge where the color from the layer beneath shows through, so this will just ensure that everything is clean. From here we will navigate to the freebies folder and then open the ‘Front View 05.psd’ file. Once you have done that, save and close out of the tab.

You will now be one level up where you can see how the design looks on the packaging.

Press ‘I’ on the keyboard to switch to the Eyedropper Tool and sample some of the background color.
Detailed explanation of all tools and commands used in the course.
Remember when you are scaling these elements down to hold the Shift key while dragging inwards to constrain the proportions of the elements so they don’t get stretched out. Here I am making the text about ’12 pt’ in size with a solid white fill color and a linespacing value of ’14 pt’. This course will help you to get your packaging design tell the story you want.

Go back into the artwork on the black coffee bag and dive in to the third Smart Object so we can grab just the ‘WIFI MUG’ folder that we created earlier and drag it into the new empty Smart Object window.

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