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And of course, if you are there at the beginning when the seedlings push up through the soil, you can tell just by looking at them. The Day Flower (Commelina communis). My hub's been keeping me busy reading lists and descriptions of flowers, plants, bugs and more. The jonquil is associated with affection and desire. Five petals and branched leaf veins.

The photo below is much clearer. They are fused, so they look like two petals. This Portulaca has narrow leaves and the petals are not clearly defined.

A long-lasting flower available in a wide variety of colors. Freesia is a relative of the iris and is often kept as a potted plant. Enchanter's Nightshade, or circaea, is named after the enchantress Circe from Greek mythology, who is supposed to have used enchanter's nightshade in her magic. These fragrant plants bloom in spikes of purple, or sometimes white flowers. A relative of the violet, with soft velvety petals. I love flowers, there are just so many different types to take in and enjoy. The flower osmunda is actually a cluster of fern fronds, tightly wound, about to unfold. There are many different kinds of flowers in different areas in the world. Dahlias are available in an assortment of colors and are often used to represent elegance. See also the Oriental Lily, a Monocot. Pompons are commonly used in mixed bouquets as a filler. It doesn't fit her now, but she was yellow when she was a few days old.

Clusters of small white blooms which are most often used as a filler flower in rose arrangements. A flowering plant with thick clusters of blooms, usually in shades of pink or white. The common name for flowers in the Narcissus family, which consist of trumpet-shaped blooms and are often yellow or white in color. There are many varieties and colors available. If you click on it to enlarge it you can see the five petals distinctly. pinkhawk from Pearl of the Orient on September 22, 2009: ..i love flowers! Thanks for the list of the flowers you provided. You’ll find their suggestions below, try our Flower business name generator to help find more ideas. A blooming plant often used in gardens or potted for indoor decoration. always enjoy seeing them, thanx just what i needed to complete my homework !!!!!!!!!!!!! This beautiful flower (endangered in some regions) actually has three petals (if we could see it in detail and take it apart).

This flower, too, actually has three Petals and three Tepals. Are you researching flowers? Hey the forget-me-not isn't on here! The peace lily is a blooming plant which is often used to express sympathy. A fragrant flower with thick clusters of small blooms typically available in shades of purple and white. Lavender is often associated with love and devotion. This tendency is thought to cause imminent damage to their neighboring plants and animals, and the environment as well. In our homes, flowers make lovely table centrepieces, and they are beautiful in our gardens. Just like their leaves which have a central vein with other veins branching off it. Lady's eardrops, or fuchsia, bloom in a vibrant array of colours from deep purple to red and pale pink. Here's the discription of the chick again, but with more added: The chick is black with white streaks below it's eyes and a white belly. There are several ways to distinguish between Monocots and Dicots. Another plant to die for. i'm a writer and the only reason i'm on this site is to name a character. I may be 12 years old, but finding a perfect flower name (though I'm not really interested in flowers except that they're pretty to look at and great names for any animal) is very important to me. Thanks, pretty useful for me as a florist :). Dendrobium orchids are distinguished by their long stems with clusters of many small butterfly-shaped blooms. So the Plant Kingdom  can be classified into five main groups: The Angiosperms are the Flowering Plants and there are around 250,000 to 400,000 different flower types. Where is the main central vein? Wrong.

Orange jessamina, also known as Hawaiian mock-orange or Burmese boxwood. They are traditionally used to represent warmth and adoration. The common name for flowers in the Narcissus family, which consist of trumpet-shaped blooms and are often yellow or white in color. Gardenias are prized for their especially pleasing fragrance. Also known as moth orchids, phalaenopsis orchids are characterized by their single long stems. This is a nice page .. What is the name of the flower you have on the page. When their summer bloom is finished, the flowers dry to become paper-thin, transparent, double-layered disks that enclose the seeds for the next year's flowers. See also: Statice. Links to Pages about Some of These Flowers. Then read on! Some do, some don't. Ipomea are also called morning glories. Different types of flowers (the Angiosperms) can easily be identified by dividing them into Monocots or Dicots.

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