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Many Chicagoans attributed the disparate death patterns to the ethnic differences among blacks, Latinos, and whites—and local experts made much of the purported Latino “family values.” But there’s a social and spatial context that makes close family ties possible. Toronto, ON M5V 2L1 How is the increased demand for single living spaces changing our urban landscapes? ©2002, 2015, 328 pages, 35 halftones, 3 maps, 7 figures, 12 tables. "[9], In 2013, Klinenberg wrote an influential article in the New Yorker on Hurricane Sandy and climate change adaptation, in which he explained the role of social infrastructure in protecting cities and communities. Meteorologists had been warning residents about a two-day heat wave, but these temperatures did not end that soon. Eric Klinenberg on Going Solo ... And during the research for that book, I got to spend some time learning about the rise of living alone, and specifically aging alone. The night temperatures, in the low to mid-80s, were unusually high and didn’t provide much relief. What does Eric Klinenberg conclude from his research on people who live alone? He is currently Professor of Sociology, Public Policy, and Media, Culture, and Communication at New York University, as well as the editor of the journal Public Culture. Question: Who were these 739 people? Should we be scared of climate change? Early in the morning of January 18, 2002, a train derailment sent a cloud of poisonous gas drifting toward the small town. Eric Klinenberg calls this phenomenon social infrastructure. Libraries, parks, churches and schools—all the places that strangers and familiars alike mingle and cross paths. Klinenberg is a lively presence on stage, with a knack for finding humor and spontaneous  insight. Evid Based Spine Care J. Chicago had such a high mortality rate because it is, as Mayor Daley quipped during the heat wave, the classic American city of extremes. “Cliche-shattering.” Newsday Klinenberg: Of course forces of nature played a major role. In his much-discussed New Yorker article, which appeared after Hurricane Sandy, Klinenberg looked at how to “climate-proof” cities, and explored the importance of communities and social networks during disasters. Meteorologists and medical scientists have been unable to account for the scale of the trauma, and political officials have puzzled over the sources of the city’s vulnerability. Yet there is no question that the city government did not do everything it could to prevent the catastrophe. To see if Eric Otto Klineberg is accepting new patients, or for assistance finding a UC Davis doctor, please call 800-2-UCDAVIS (800-282-3284) ... Research/Academic Interests. T 212 242 1212.

An innovative and optimistic speaker, Klinenberg’s unique research sheds light on  demographic, social, and environmental transformations. Bill Moyers interviewed Eric Klinenberg about Fighting for Air on the PBS special, Click here to see Klinenberg’s appearance on, Two theater companies, Pegasus Players and Live Bait, have combined to stage a. Question: Take us back to July 1995 in the city of Chicago. [7][8] Going Solo has been translated into several languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Turkish, and Hungarian, and has generated widespread debate. City workers watered bridges to prevent them from locking when the plates expanded. Watch Ray Suarez interview Eric Klinenberg on. Suite 1229 Eric... Fresh off his recent feature in The New Yorker, Eric Klinenberg stopped by NPR to give an interview... Superstorm Sandy served as a powerful wake up call for policy makers. “Wow. Twitter Many Chicagoans swarmed the city’s beaches, but others took to the fire hydrants.

“Palaces for the People—the title is taken from the Scottish-American industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie’s description of the hundreds of libraries he funded—is essentially a calm, lucid exposition of a centuries-old idea, which is really a furious call to action.” —New Statesman M.D., University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore MD 2001, M.S., University of Maryland, College Park MD 1996, Internship: General Surgery, University of Washington, Seattle WA 2001-2002, Orthopaedic Surgery, University of Washington, Seattle WA 2002-2006, Combined Neurological and Orthopaedic Surgical Spine, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland OH 2006-2007, American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery, 2009, Sierra Sacramento Valley Medical Society (SSMS), Best Podium and Best Poster 2014, International Society for the Advancement of Spine Surgery, 2014, Goldstein Clinical Science Award, Scoliosis Research Society, 2014, Traveling Fellowship Award, American Orthopaedic Association / Japanese Orthopaedic Association, 2012, Featured in InSpine 4-10 BMP Antagonists in Spine Fusion, 2010.

An Extraordinary Business and Community Leader, Urban Space Artist Behind the "Before I Die" Walls, Princeton Professor | Sociologist | Author of Uneasy Peace, Brown University Climate Scientist | Author of Rivers of Power, Author of On Fire, No Is Not Enough, This Changes Everything, The Shock Doctrine, & No Logo, Award-Winning Filmmaker | Director of Coded Bias | Eco-Activist | TED Fellow, Author of Grit, the #1 New York Times Bestseller | Pioneering Researcher on Grit, Perseverance, and the Science of Success, Psychotherapist | Bestselling Author of Maybe You Should Talk to Someone, Editor-in-Chief of Fast Company | Former Deputy Editor at Vanity Fair, New Yorker Staff Writer | Speaker on Race, History, Politics and Culture in America, Two-time Booker Prize-Winning Author of over 50 Books, Including The Handmaid's Tale, and its Recordbreaking Sequel, The Testaments. A comprehensive, entertaining, and compelling argument for how rebuilding social infrastructure can help heal divisions in our society and move us forward.”. 2014;39(17):e1001-9. Fighting for Air delivers a call to action, revealing a rising generation of new media activists and citizen journalists — a coalition of liberals and conservatives–who are demanding and even creating the local coverage they need and deserve.

In addition to his books and scholarly articles, Klinenberg has contributed to The New York Times Magazine, Rolling Stone, The London Review of Books, The Nation, The Washington Post, Mother Jones, The Guardian, Le Monde diplomatique, Slate, Playboy, the radio program This American Life [13] and the television program Real Time with Bill Maher.

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