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It caused a bit of drama in the Python community. These two characters represent a new operator for Python, and it has a name... but I'm not going to tell you what the name of it is though.

The way that decisions are made within the Python language is with a PEP: a Python Enhancement Proposal. As long as we have this sort of comment notation for variables, even those that have old versions of Python should be able to use static typing. An iterable is this whole class of objects that have the features of something that can be iterated on. It's unclear, but we have a pretty good idea about what it is. It means that the type of a variable, the arguments to a function and the return type of a function are statically defined and they cannot change, they have to be a specific thing. What do we do instead? In every circumstance, Dustin exemplified the best of the Python community -- a deep understanding of the language, humility, generosity, curiosity, and desire to help others. Can I use a Presta tube in a Schrader rim? For example, I could import random, and set the variable a to be the random choice between an integer, a float and a string. I nominate Dustin Ingram for the PSF Board of Directors. Maybe you think it's dynamically typed. So, you might have heard about PEP 572. This works fine, but one thing that is kind of "not pretty" is that the chunk = line with a magic number is being repeated twice, and if I want to change the value of that chunk, I have to change that number on two lines, and not one. If I define the frobnicate function, and I call it with 1, 2, and 3, it correctly adds them all up to 6. He's also a director of the Python Software Foundation, maintainer of PyPI, and organizer for the PyTexas conference. I hereby nominate Dustin Ingram ( as a candidate for the Board of Directors of the Python Software Foundation.

He's here, he's here for us, and he's not actually on a permanent vacation on a beach somewhere, or working on some other programming language. In addition to this, Dustin is an exceptionally empathetic developer. It's a style guide for Python code. I’m also a director of the Python Software Foundation, maintainer of PyPI, organizer for the PyTexas conference and have a master’s degree in Computer Science from Drexel University. The first is, what does this mean for Python?

However, he proposed, that if you could create an optional, pluggable type system that doesn't actually affect the runtime of the program, As part of this effort, he got direct first-hand experience working with the PSF and Mozilla to administer the MOSS grant used to fund the PyPI migration. in

I'm going to pre-empt some questions about this. You're telling the developer that's eventually going to come and try and use it, that this is what you expect, but there's no guarantee that they're actually going to do that. Just pick a critical area and start there. It's what you get if you type import this in your Python REPL. And actually you can use any of these type checkers with whatever your IDE or development environment is as well, most of them integrate into some Python environment. Here, you can see the type for each argument, and the return type, and then you would have annotations that would tell you what the developer was expecting when they wrote that code. In addition, we should have variable annotation: just functions is not enough, we need a way to specify the types for individual variables in Python as well. As a developer advocate he spends his days better understanding the concerns of other developers and working to make products better for them.

We were so mean and vitriolic that the creator of our language stepped away from us! You should use static typing when your code is for pubic consumption. He cares for this community and is quick to support others and to step up when a task needs action. What you'd normally do as a Python user is break that function call out to a new line, set a new variable y to the result of that call to f(x), and then you'd reuse that variable y inside the list. This is a relatively recent PEP, and the title of the PEP was "Assignment Expressions".

It's not included with core Python, it's a third-party tool. I think, as a community, we need to step back and think, how are we acting with each other? In tech we call that "a single point of failure", and improving that would not only increase financial stability, but would also allow the PSF to direct more funding to more working groups, more events, etc." Sort of a three-step process. However, maybe your question is "Will people continue to be negative on the internet?".

The same is true for for a variable as it is for a functions arguments as it is for the return value for the function.

I'll show you some examples. Let's look at this for loop: we have an empty list of results, we're iterating over data, we're calling f(x) on each item in the data, and we get a result from it.

We can't call it the assignment operator, that's the equals symbol. I have experience: As a PSF board member, my priorities would include: Together, I believe my experience and goals make me a valuable member of the PSF board. 3:30 p.m.–5 p.m. He is a member of the Python Packaging Authority, helping maintain pip, and is an organizer of the PyTexas conference.

It introduces a typing module, it introduces a lot of details about edge cases and specific use cases. As we in the PyPA started to think about adding a governance model, Dustin was the unanimous choice among PyPA committers for "Benevolent Dictator for Right Now", and he continues to push forward a formalization of our governance structure. I also nominated Dustin for PSF board in 2019, before I started working with him at Google, and I still strongly stand by my original statement, and so I include it here in my 2020 nomination: Dustin is well-known to those of us in the packaging world for his talent, his equable demeanor and his community-minded spirit. For example, in this first line, I'm setting foo to be [f(x) for x in bar]. Thanks to Katie McLaughlin, Marlene Mhangami, Amanda Casari, and Sumana Harihareswara for reviewing drafts of this nomination statement. So it's not a breaking change to the syntax, but it's not backwards compatible. Here, we can put chunk inside the while statement similar to before, and then it behaves exactly the same way. Here, stats is a class variable, I can now annotate it correctly with inline annotations. I’d do this by creating additional avenues for Python community members to interact with the PSF board members and express what challenges they face as community members, as well as increasing the visibility of the work the board is doing to the wider community. That said, it's going to be OK. All those examples from before were totally fine, and if I paid attention to where I was using expensive or duplicated statements, I could find ways to avoid them entirely. He cares for this community and is quick to support others and to step up when a task needs action. One case when you might not want to use static typing is if you're going to use it to replace your unit tests. That means that in addition to having the function annotation... ...we should be able to say that the type of this variable I'm assigning to is an integer, and then return that.

But, it still doesn't give us a way to actually evaluate whether that function's being used correctly, it just gives us annotations, and now an attribute that tells us what those annotations were. If I were to run this, it would be a type error: I'm trying to add a string to an integer, and that's a problem.

To conclude: here's how you can use static typing in Python in just five easy steps. This is Rust: Rust has really fine-grained integer types, so this is an unsigned 8-bit integer.

When we say that Python is a dynamically typed language, what does it mean? He continues to present at user groups and conferences throughout the Python ecosystem. And actually you probably need both static typing and unit tests simultaneously.

Notice: While Javascript is not essential for this website, your interaction with the content will be limited. So you might say if I can turn these two lines... ...into one line, my coworkers are going to love me, right?

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