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Wundt founded the first psychological laboratory, helping to establish the field as an experimental science. The major types of mental illness are presented. Murphy, a historian of psychology and key figure in biosocial research, was president of the American Society for Psychical Research from 1965 to 1971. Sensation and Perception is the seventh program in the Discovering Psychology series. is a production of WGBH Interactive for Annenberg Media. Also called Pavlovian conditioning, after the Russian physiologist, Ivan Petrovich Pavlov, whose experiments with dogs revolutionized the concept of memory and response. The development of language has many facets to explore. Psychopathology is the twenty-first program in the Discovering Psychology series. Russell Fernald, Stanford University Jared R. Curhan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan School of Management, John D.E. In other words, making the best of what you have. Couples counselling is an excellent opportunity for couples to have a safe environment to learn new skills, explore challenges in the relationship, build positive feelings and rekindle a spark. Originally obtained by dividing an individual’s mental age by his or her chronological age and then multiplying by 100; now directly computed as an IQ test score. Mahzarin R. Banaji, Yale University, Kaiping Peng, University of California, Berkeley New. This program presents a rethinking of the relationship between mind and body. As an important addition to library video collections. Fluid Intelligence: The aspect of intelligence involving the ability to see, infer, and analyze relationships and solve problems.

This program examines how we know what we know. Updated. Major Works: The Inner Experience (1967), Human Motivation (1987) It also examines some of the psychological effects of societal gender roles, from birth to adulthood. This series is also valuable for teachers seeking to review the subject matter.

Major Works: How to Live with a Neurotic: At Home and at Work (1957), A Guide to Rational Living (1961), Reason and Emotion in Psychotherapy (1962) Irving Janis, deceased (1989 interview: Yale University)

The Responsive Brain is the fourth program in the Discovering Psychology series. Major Works: Patterns of Child Rearing (1957 with Robert Sears), Psychology of Sex Differences (1974), and Adolescents after Divorce (1996) Stephen J. Ceci, Cornell University Psychosocial Dwarfism: A syndrome in which children’s normal development is inhibited by traumatic psychological surroundings or events. Affective Disorders: Any disorder in which the primary symptoms are associated with mood disturbances, such as extreme depression, excessive elation, or both. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI): A technique for exploring the human brain, using magnetic fields and radio waves to generate and record energy pulses within the brain. Reflex: A natural reaction to an external stimulus which causes a physical response. Crystallized Intelligence: The facet of intelligence involving a person’s acquired knowledge and her or his ability to access it. Sex and Gender is the seventeenth program in the Discovering Psychology series. You'll explore the scientific method, the distinction between fact and theory, and the different ways in which data are collected and applied, both in labs and in real-world settings. Philip G. Zimbardo, Professor of Psychology at Stanford University, is an internationally acknowledged researcher, teacher, and author. Biological Biasing: The idea that people are genetically “primed” for a disorder, and therefore more likely to get it than others in the general population. Watson founded behaviorism, challenging traditional psychoanalytic views and arguing for a psychological model that focuses on observable behavior.

Major Works: Lectures on the Work of the Principal Digestive Glands (1897), Lectures on Conditioned Reflexes(1928) This program traces the nature vs. nurture debate, revealing how developmental psychologists study the contributions of both heredity and environment to child development. He has published more than two dozen text and trade books and more than 200 professional articles on a wide range of topics in many areas of animal and human behavior. All rights Reserved. Major Work: “Mood and Memory,” in American Psychologist (1981) Engram: The hypothesized chemical change in the brain resulting from the storing of memory information; also called memory traces. In addition to providing counselling to individuals and couples, we are working to provide free resources (blogs, Q&A sessions, webinars etc.) This program unravels the complex process of how we see. The three new video programs of the Updated Edition are Applying Psychology in Life, which explores the role of psychology: in law, conflict negotiation, ergonomics, and space travel, and human performance; Cognitive Neuroscience presenting new ideas in brain research and the application of brain mapping technology, and Cultural Psychology which probes a complex field integrating social and personality psychology, anthropology and other social sciences. With Dr. Ernest Hartman, formerly of Tufts University, and Dr. Robert McCarley of Harvard Medical School. For more information, follow the link below. At Discovery Psychology Counselling and Psychological Services, we provide couples counselling for issues including, but not limited to: We work with couples from a variety of framework including Gottman, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, CBT, Solutions-Focused Therapy, Positive Psychology and others. Major Works: Syntactic Structures (1957), Aspects of the Theory of Syntax (1965) Mutual Constitution: The reciprocal way in which an individual is shaped by the surrounding culture and simultaneously shapes the culture with his or her behavior.

Drawing on the theories of early modern psychologists Wilhelm Wundt and William James, this program looks at conscious and unconscious awareness, how the mind functions awake and asleep, and the biological rhythms of activity, rest, and dreaming. Fundamental Attribution Error (FAE): The dual tendency of observers to underestimate the impact of situational factors, and to overestimate the influence of dispositional factors on an actor’s behavior. Major Works: Walden Two (1948), Beyond Freedom and Dignity (1971), About Behaviorism (1974) Robert W. McCarley, Professor and Head, Harvard Department of Psychiatry/VA Boston Healthcare System (1989 interview: Harvard Medical School) Based on the early research of Sigmund Freud and Abraham Maslow, this program explores the sources of motivation, causes of behavior, and interplay between motivation and action. With Dr. Hans Strupp of Vanderbilt University and the late Dr. Rollo May. As supplemental material for introductory and upper-level psychology courses. It also takes a closer look at a few of the major mental illnesses like depression, neurosis, manic-depressive disorders, and schizophrenia. Richard Thompson, University of Southern California, Los Angeles This program looks at scientists' attempts to understand how the brain functions in a variety of mental processes. The 26 video programs review the history of the field, including the work of early and contemporary theorists, practitioners, and researchers, illustrating their work with footage of classic experiments and modern studies. You'll explore how renowned researchers Ivan Pavlov, B. F. Skinner, Edward Thorndike, and John B. Watson contributed to what we know about human and animal learning. Telegraphic Stage: The last stage in early language development, when a child begins to form simple sentences and maintains a cognitive word order that can be understood as reflecting a native language. An early historian of psychology, Boring conducted key research on sensation. Life-Span Development: The study of the continuities, stabilities, and changes in psychological and physical processes that characterize human functioning, from conception through the final phases of life. Rogers, a humanistic psychologist, developed client-centered (now Rogerian) therapy, greatly impacting the ways in which therapists work with their clients. Language Acquisition Device (LAD): Proposed biologically based mental structure that theorists believe plays a major role in children’s language learning. Seeks to minimize sources of bias and to yield dependable, and independently testable, information. He proposed that people were motivated primarily by feelings of inferiority rather than sexual instinct.

Its main new perspective is centered on how cultures construct selves and other central aspects of individual personality, beliefs, values, and emotions — much of what we are and do. Jean Berko Gleason, Boston University Dementia: A severe deterioration of cognitive abilities, such as memory, reasoning, judgement, and other higher mental processes. Pygmalion Effect: Positive change in a person’s performance or perception of a situation, based on expectation and encouragement by others. Wilhelm Wundt (1832-1920) This program introduces examples of cognitive, perceptual, and behavioral development in children. It also examines how cultures contribute to self-identity, the central aspects of cultural values, and emerging issues regarding diversity. Jeanne Block, deceased (1989 interview: University of California, Berkeley) This program looks at the complexity of memory: how images, ideas, language, physical actions, even sounds and smells are translated into codes that are represented in the memory and retrieved as needed.

Designed for use as either a free-standing, one semester telecourse or as a supplement to existing courses, Discovering Psychology: Updated Edition surveys the major areas of psychology, explains the scientific method of gathering and evaluating evidence about the causes of behavior, and shows how psychological knowledge can be applied to improve the quality of life.

Lawrence Kohlberg (1927-1987) The best way to predict the future is to create it.

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