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This essentially allows for any driver the habit of cutting right out into the traffic flow forcing the opposing vehicle to either stop or crash. Another way to look at it is that there are only two rules you must obey, both equally important. X-level (county) highways are not necessarily the worst to drive on, but they can be challenging. At night, illegal racing is another problem. Unlike national highways, sometimes there is no central reservation or road separation, and you may be limited to one lane per direction. Many Chinese cities have good bus or subway systems, and nearly all have cheap, ubiquitous taxis. If you suspect that the police have taken bribes from the other party, which often happens, make them aware that you know about the supervisory commision (which ruthlessly deals with corruption) or the Tourist Complaint Board. Overtaking on the right, despite being illegal, is very common in China. In mainland China, you can’t drive with an International Driving Permit (IDP), nor with permits obtained in Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan. This is one reason local drivers do not often dip the lights. Bicycles swarm everywhere even in the dark. Be sure to understand what to look for when purchasing a used scooter. These drivers are paid by how many trips they make and because of this they are notorious among Chinese and expatriates for running red lights, seemingly without slowing down. Most suspects not on duty will also include government and military vehicles, and even diplomats. You must have a Chinese license to drive in China. Any opening may be exploited, the required minimum size of the opening apparently depends on the left turning driver's sense of self-preservation (larger vehicles and poorer quality vehicles will take more chances). Driving in China is difficult, especially for anyone not used to local conditions. However, like motorcycles, some cities have banned them. Besides, there can be real military vehicles which were driven erratically. First, there is a computerized theory test of 100 out of over 1300 multiple choice questions with 90% as a pass mark; if you do not pass, you can do a second test without paying any further fee. Driving in the center of the road is not unusual. Therefore there is absolutely no point getting angry if someone cuts you off or drives against the red light or on the wrong side of the road.

Some expressways may have tolerance set all the way up to 20 km/h (12 mph); however, anything around 15 km/h (9 mph) to 20 km/h (12 mph) over the stated speed limit is relatively high risk. Few Chinese drivers seem to know about dimming their headlights for approaching cars. They are clocked at 90 km/h (56 mph). Do not assume that Chinese drivers will follow any rule you know. The side of the road is usually a mixture of pedestrian, bicycles, tricycles, drain well without covers, and in rural areas, animals. At least this is the conventional wisdom.

This might mean it is exempt from your country's import restrictions; most safety and pollution laws have some sort of exemption for antiques. The rule is much more that they care only for their own vehicle. Meanwhile there are also con-artists who falsely (and unfortunately, successfully) accuse good Samartians during traffic accidents. It is highly unlikely that a person not involved in the accident from the general public will offer any assistance outside of perhaps helping you phone the police. Lane changes: lane changes and turns are more often than not signaled, but then the "first is right" rule reigns, and yielding is expected of a trailing vehicle, even if only trailing by a small margin. It is illegal to download this clip from YouTube and utilize it in any way for personal or business usage. On divided highways, seeing pedestrians, bicycles and motorcycles going the wrong way down the shoulder is entirely normal, and a few go the wrong way beside the center fence. Chinese drivers routinely go through red lights if there is no opposing traffic. They may run a red light or simply go in the wrong direction or weave in and out of traffic. It is essential to learn this "body language" and drive by it. Also, do not expect vehicles to go with traffic, as cars, motorcycles, and bicycles regularly go against the flow of traffic (e.g.
Tickets for both ferry services can only be purchased on spot. Imagine where the collision dent will be: if someone enters your lane and you strike the side of their vehicle, it will be assumed that you failed to yield even though they cut you off. Furthermore, this will result in drivers jockeying for position and jamming the emergency shoulder adding further waiting time to the traffic jam and potentially more accidents. Generally, but not always, you are excused from the actual driving test if you have a foreign license.
nepotism). The situation becomes more complex when illegal racers have relation to government officials (i.e. These are not your high performance sport bike; even the new OHV model is only 32 horsepower. If possible use a leading turning vehicle as a shield. China marks 60th birthday of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps: Chinese authorities on Monday celebrated the 60th founding anniversary of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps (XPCC). All too often the motorcycle taxis will honk to get you to be their fare, and the car driver will honk when a pedestrian is walking on the sidewalk because the car wants to overtake the pedestrian on the narrow sidewalk. Turning off of main roads may require technical off-road driving skills and equipment, and in some places it is illegal. A real fanatic might consider riding a Chang Jiang from China to Europe using routes in the Europe to South Asia over land and Silk Road itineraries. "First is Right," or less succinctly, any vehicle with a slight position lead or access to a gap before another vehicle has de-facto right of way to enter that gap. Traffic in much of China is chaotic at best. going southbound in a northbound lane). To purchase this and the other stock footage video clips, go to and search for the key words for this clip. They were built in Russia because the treaty of Versailles forbade the Germans to build military motorcycles. Road rage does not seem to be a problem. Any street or road map, printed or online, needs to be taken with a grain of salt, since even a recent map may combine current and obsolete information, as well as some wishful thinking. Click here to view the discussion thread. the national Xinhua chain) usually stock maps and atlases at least for the local area; city maps are also often sold by vendors near train stationsen and in other locations commonly visited by travelers. At least in some cities you cannot register anything larger than 250 cc. China will allow all forms of capital to equally compete in the financial market through ease of market access, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said on Friday. Both are sometimes on the wrong side of the road. If you are driving down a four lane road, and the lane in front of the taxi to the right of you and slightly ahead of you is blocked, the lane ahead is free, you should immediately assume the taxi will move left into your lane without any warning. In the absence of road signage, the rules of the road specify that the vehicle ahead has right of way (see Right of Way section in this article). You should pay extra caution if there are vehicles with military license plates. In Beijing, a few expressways have speed limits below express routes: these are the Jingjintang Expressway (Beijing segment) and the Jingha Expressway (Beijing segment). Few imported motorcycles meet the homologation requirements, including some BMW and Honda.

Scooters come with a battery (or batteries) that are usually removable as well as rechargeable from a household outlet., Articles without Wikipedia links (via Wikidata), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Regarding left-hand turns in general; a vehicle desiring to turn left across oncoming traffic will not yield to oncoming, established traffic and await a "safe" opening. However, they were designed for military use and are very solidly built.

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