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In 1999, the American Film Institute ranked Carole Lombard #23 on their list of 50 Greatest American Female Screen Legends. She was posthumously awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6930 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California on February 8, 1960. Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. Carole Lombard, the actress, was born. Lombard’s big break finally came with Twentieth Century (1934), in which she costarred with John Barrymore in what many regard as the prototypical film of the screwball comedy genre. She was a loveable person, just as much at home in blue denims and ginghams as she was in furs and jewels.". A natural tomboy with athletic prowess and spirit far exceeding her size (she was a petite child who stood 5' 2", with shoes), the future screen star frequently joined her brothers in roughhousing. In 1936 Carole received her only Oscar nomination for Best Actress for My Man Godfrey (1936). She made more than 20 silent films during the 1920s, mostly cast in bit roles or as a supporting player in several Mack Sennett-produced comedy shorts. It's such an absurd, extravagant label. Lombard became the top comedienne at the studio as she molded herself into the comedy life. By age 15 she had had enough of school, though, and quit. While some stars' careers ended because of heavy accents, poor diction or a voice unsuitable to sound, Carole's light, breezy, sexy voice enabled her to transition smoothly during this period. The official accident report states that the crash was caused by "the failure of the captain after departure from Las Vegas to follow the proper course by making use of the navigational facilities available to him". Check out our picks for family friendly movies movies that transcend all ages. Although she tried for other acting jobs, she would not be seen onscreen again for four years. She is particularly not it for her energetic,often caff-beat roles in the screwball comedies o the 1930's. Her mother and her father divorced in October of 1914. Born Jane Alice Peters in Fort Wayne, Indiana, one of three children, her parents separated and with her mother she moved to California. By now the film industry was moving from the silent era to "talkies". Tragedy struck on a war bond tour that Carole and her mother were on. She joined a theater troupe and played in several stage shows, which were for the most part nothing to write home about. During World War II, after her death, a Liberty ship was named after her. Carole Lombard, original name Jane Alice Peters, (born October 6, 1908, Fort Wayne, Indiana, U.S.—died January 16, 1942, near Las Vegas, Nevada), American actress who was known for her ability to combine elegance and zaniness in some of the most successful and popular film comedies of the 1930s. In 1926 Carole was seriously injured in an automobile accident that resulted in the left side of her face being scarred. In 1931 she was teamed with William Powell in Man of the World (1931). She soon signed with Paramount for $300 a week but after 6 years was earning the sum of $35,000 a week! On January 16, 1942, Carole, her mother, and 20 other people were flying back to California when the plane went down outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. A 1926 automobile accident badly cut her face. At age twelve she was spotted playing baseball in the street by director Allan Dwan who cast her as a tom-boy in "A Perfect Crime". [on the concept of God] I don't seem to get solemn about it, and some people might not understand. I think marriage is dangerous.
I don't care if it is the studio's money, I don't like it. Her parents divorced in 1916 and her mother took the family on a trip out West.

Profiled in the book "Funny Ladies: 100 Years of Great Comediennes" by, One of her classmates at drama school was, During the tour of Hearst's Castle in San Simeon, California, visitors are shown a second-floor bedroom where, the story goes, Lombard and, Lombard shared her first screen kiss with. I don't think the flare of love lasts. When she was 12 she had a small part in a silent film called a Perfect Crime. She preferred the company of the grips, electricians and other off-camera workers to that of other actors. When she left Pathe in 1930 at the age of 18 she returned to FOX. An at-home costume or hostess gown is absolutely essential for the woman who entertains, and for two reasons. .

CALL THEM IRREPLACEABLE (MANY STILL ALIVE AND LONG MAY THEY . She was superb as ditzy heiress Irene Bullock. This was followed by full-length features at Pathe and then Paramount, where she became one of Hollywood's highest paid stars. Was elected "May Queen" in 1924. She commanded and received what was one of the top salaries in the business - at one time it was reported she was making $35,000 a week.

, Other Works Most beautiful classic actresses from the late 30s to early 60s. Born in Indiana, she was eight years old when her parents divorced, and her mother took her and her two older brothers to L.A. to start a new life. Attended and graduated from Fairfax High School in Los Angeles, California in 1927. The idea of two people trying to possess each other is wrong. After studying acting and dancing as a child, she made her screen debut as a 13-year-old tomboy in A Perfect Crime (1921); legend has it that the actress was cast in the role after the film’s director, Allan Dwan, saw her playing baseball in the street. It must be friendship -- a calm companionship which can last through the years. All 22 passengers died in the crash. . The highly acclaimed actress was dead at the age of 33 and few have been able to match her talents since. I think your temple is your everyday living. Lombard’s other well-regarded films of the period included the melodrama In Name Only (1939), in which she appeared opposite Cary Grant; the comedy-drama Made for Each Other (1939), costarring James Stewart; and Mr. and Mrs. Smith (1941), in which Lombard’s performance highlighted director Alfred Hitchcock’s only attempt at straightforward comedy. - IMDb Mini Biography By: (The San Bernardino Daily Sun, San Bernardino, California, Tuesday 20 January 1942, Volume 48, page 6.). Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article.

She left school at the age of 15, and she first appeared under the stage name Carol (after 1930, Carole) Lombard in a leading role in Marriage in Transit (1925). I think it's all here--in the mountains and the desert. No Man of Her Own (1932) put Carole opposite Clark Gable for the first and only time (they married seven years later in 1939). I don't need $465,000 a year for myself, so why not give what I don't need to the government for improvements of the country. It was also during this period that Lombard appeared in No Man of Her Own (1932), her only film with future husband Clark Gable (married 1939). [her last words to the public before leaving on a fund-raising flight for the war effort, January 15, 1942] Before I say goodbye to you all, come on - join me in a big cheer - "V for Victory!".

In January 1942 Lombard visited her native Indiana to participate in a war-bond rally.
That's why I never talk about it. She was flying on Transcontinental and Western Airlines (TWA) Flight 3 en route from McCarran Field, Las Vegas, Nevada, to Lockheed Air Terminal, Burbank, California, when it crashed approx. Carole was now putting out about one film a year of her own choosing, because she wanted whatever role she picked to be a good one. And she was just that. Born in Fort Wayne, Indiana on October 6, 1908 under the name of Jane Alice Peters. As Lombard and her mother were returning home on January 16, they and 20 others were killed in a plane crash outside Las Vegas, Nevada.

Meanwhile, Carole went home to Indiana for a war bond rally. She was often doubled by her old school friend, Dixie Pantages. Most beautiful classic actresses from the late 30s to early 60s. It implies so much that I'm not. When that happened, her name changed legally from Dixie Nelson to Dixie Pantages as a result of the adoption becoming legal. In 1926, an auto accident scarred the left side of her face, which was repaired by plastic surgery. Carole Lombard was born Jane Alice Peters in Fort Wayne, Indiana, on October 6, 1908. All aboard perished. The film in question was A Perfect Crime (1921). In 1937 in My Man Godfrey (1936) (with Powell) earned her an Academy Award Nomination. Omissions? Actress. Herman Seifer <>. She did find work in a number of shorts during 1928 (13 of them, many for slapstick comedy director Mack Sennett), but did go back for a one-time shot with Fox called Me, Gangster (1928). For even more, visit our Family Entertainment Guide.

Twice turned down opportunities to play a newspaperwoman, in. Quit soon thereafter to pursue acting full time. Tragically, she didn't live to see its release.

She and Powell hit it off and soon married, but the marriage didn't work out and they divorced in 1933. The aircraft flew into an almost vertical rock cliff, near the top of Potosi Mountain in the Spring Mountain Range. They bought and lived in a 20 acre ranch in San Fernando Valley. - IMDb Mini Biography By: She was adept at picking just the right part, which wasn't surprising as she was smart enough to see through the good-ol'-boy syndrome of the studio moguls. After being spotted playing baseball in the street with the neighborhood boys by a film director, Carole was signed to a one-picture contract in 1921 when she was 12.

She was offered the lead role in a proposed melodrama, "Smiler with a Knife", to be directed by a newcomer at RKO Radio Pictures named, Considered by many to be the prototype for the icy blondes in, The plane crash that killed her took place less than a month before the Oscars. There's no better place to spend it.

Jane Alice, her two older brothers, and their mother, Elizabeth Knight Peters moved to Los Angeles.

Her parents divorced in 1916 and her mother took the family on a trip out West. 33.1 miles (53 kilometers) southwest of Las Vegas at 19:20 (7:20 pm) on January 16, 1942. She made but one film in 1941, Mr. & Mrs. Smith (1941). Despite her mother's premonition of the disaster, she refused to take a train to Los Angeles. They weren't Hollywood Socialites; they weren't glamorous; they wanted a simple life out of Hollywood's bright lights.

The film was completed in 1941 just at the time the US entered World War II, and was subsequently held back for release until 1942. Unfortunately, the coveted award went to Luise Rainer in The Great Ziegfeld (1936), which also won for Best Picture. Carole age 23 and William age 39 were married for 23 months but divorced in 1933. Her first role as a Fox player was Hearts and Spurs (1925), in which she had the lead. Born in Fort Wayne, Indiana on October 6, 1908 under the name of Jane Alice Peters. While there they decided to settle down in the Los Angeles area. |  Jack Benny (centre) and Carole Lombard (centre right) in. I like the parks and the highways and the good schools and everything that this government does. While there they decided to settle down in the Los Angeles area. Carole Lombard, the 5' 2" beauty was a comedy hit during the 30s and 40s. Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login). An auto accident almost ended her life as well as acting by inflicting serious scars on her face.

According to Penny Stallings' "Flesh and Fantasy", Lombard drew a shadow along her natural cleavage line and lightened the top of her breasts to make them look larger. The film established Lombard as one of the leading comic actresses of the 1930s and served as a showcase for her unique dichotomous persona of sophisticated glamour and earthy audaciousness. Her career spanned from the silent era to "talkies."

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