carnage in a sentence

6. was founded in 2010 and our goal is to have definitions for any english word. All definitions were added by our community so if you want to help us with one ore more definitions you're welcome and can you add them using the add definition form. 90. : They logged every incident and released depressing day-by-day accounts of the carnage. And the end of the carnage may not be in sight. 31. Carnage wreaked Carnage while listening to his favorite Mayhem song, Carnage. Accessed 21 Oct. 2020. The battlefield was a scene of utter carnage. Le carnage devient affreux. Leaving means the chaos and carnage spiral ever faster hellward. carnage in a sentence - Use "carnage" in a sentence 1. The carnage had ceased. There are also numerous tumuli on the north side of Glassel, where the chief carnage took place. A glance around revealed the carnage: twenty guardsmen. Casca has turned silent since she was emotionally scarred by the carnage. Example sentences with the word carriage. But the recent carnage haunts many of the men awaiting ordination. What does 'poke' refer to in the expression 'pig in a poke'. “Drive-by shootings,” as if the carnage is part of some video game. Richard and Judy to escape the carnage. The carnage and work of destruction lasted for eight days, and when it ceased, what had once been a fair city was a mere open space, covered with blackened ruins, with only its still towering cathedral dome looking down upon the scene. They only show up after the carnage is done and arrest the survivors. Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! 3. first' onslaught of the Huns strikes off the head of Ortlieb, the son of Etzel and Kriemhild, and who, amid the smoke and carnage of the burning hall, bids the Burgundians drink blood if they are thirsty. carnage on the road from careless car drivers. 6 synonyms of carnage from the Merriam-Webster The carnage began, hideous and glorious at the same time. Charles of Orleans being a captive and his father-in-law, the count of Armagnac, highly unpopular, John the Fearless, hitherto prudently neutral, re-entered Paris, amid scenes of carnage, on the invitation of the citizen Perrinet le Clerc. We had suddenly been confronted with terrorists who would stop at nothing to cause maximum carnage. But with films like Re-Animator or Dead Alive, even Evil Dead II, the excessive carnage is making us laugh and fits tonally in with the overall experience of the movie. click for more sentences of carnage: 36. The carnage was horrifying to look at. Carnage in a sentence. Learn a new word every day. Test Your Knowledge - and learn some interesting things along the way. A decade ago, airbags seemed an answer to highway carnage. Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact. See the full definition for carnage in the English Language Learners Dictionary, Thesaurus: All synonyms and antonyms for carnage, Nglish: Translation of carnage for Spanish Speakers, Britannica English: Translation of carnage for Arabic Speakers. During the fighting and carnage that followed Alexius hid in the palace, and finally, with one of his daughters, Irene, and such treasures as he could collect, got into a boat and escaped to Develton in Thrace, leaving his wife, his other daughters and his Empire to the victors. The Geniti glinni and demna aeir were other fierce spirits who delighted in carnage. Many civilians were drowned as they tried to escape the carnage by fleeing across the River Slaney. Many classic firefights and scenes of paintballing carnage have taken place in close quarter battles in this field.

Examples of Carnage in a sentence. 60. If there are still people who don†™ t know what all the carnage is about, follow the money.. Three weeks into a new television season, the usual carnage is becoming apparent, with new shows collapsing and crises appearing all over network prime-time schedules.. The standard hack 'n' slash mechanic works well and the Lego carnage is quite well done. It is Vivan's juvenile friends whom we hear in jingoist defense of the Gujarat carnage or other flagrant displays of communal fascism. Carnage; 1. Maybe they were happy, but the approaching, The phrase has cost thousands their lives in the Parisian, The Water-Demon with one favorite son Fled from the, Will the faction which has provoked this scene of slaughter, become more popular by the, The mulattoes at once flew to arms, and the struggle between them and the whites went on with increased, Swaying hither and thither, that tide of lust and, If it does the fight will be worth the dreadful, But it was enough for that white-clad figure to stand revealed in the thickest of the, Man will gain in gentleness and morality because he will, He alluded to his own affliction and to the general scene of, It was nearly destroyed, and may be considered as the fort which was the centre of the worst, The Swiss pursued the fugitives hotly as far as Bouxieres and inflicted, The prodigy in the heavens struck the conscience of each individual; with one consent they hesitated to engage in, It was in the hands of the rebels till June 10th, 1873, when it was delivered over to the Imperialists to, It is perhaps still possible for the race to learn enough from this period of, At last the ditch swarmed full of writhing forms and the, He survived the battle of Otterbourne, and the succeeding, Another World in a sentence | Short example sentence for another world, Vilification in a sentence | Short example sentence for vilification, Underdog in a sentence | Short example sentence for underdog, Fight Off in a sentence | Short example sentence for fight off, Scullion in a sentence | Short example sentence for scullion, And Why in a sentence | Short example sentence for and why, Abetted in a sentence | Short example sentence for abetted, Be Gone in a sentence | Short example sentence for be gone, Arm Around in a sentence | Short example sentence for arm around, Unwholesome in a sentence | Short example sentence for unwholesome, Vile in a sentence | Short example sentence for vile, Horrific in a sentence | Short example sentence for horrific, Holocaust in a sentence | Short example sentence for holocaust, Brutal in a sentence | Short example sentence for brutal, Sins in a sentence | Short example sentence for sins, Horrors in a sentence | Short example sentence for horrors, Innocent in a sentence | Short example sentence for innocent, Gruesome in a sentence | Short example sentence for gruesome, Atrocity in a sentence | Short example sentence for atrocity, Words to describe Carnage | Carnage Adjectives. Never in all my years would I expect to have seen anything so horribly gruesome; all the blood, the carnage. yish: yea... all: ...carnage. The carnage will go on and it will be very widespread. A glance around revealed the carnage: twenty guardsmen.

to), and it expired amidst the carnage of Praga (Oct. 2. If we showed the hidden carnage done to. The law of which we are the instruments strives even through the, carnage to cure the wounds due to the law of war. He stood up and surveyed the carnage. He rose and paced, dwelling on the carnage that would surely ensue if the Guardians remained vulnerable for long.

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