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Not only is it beautiful to look at, but it’s completely biodegradable at the end of its lifetime. That’s a great attitude! We use the highest quality bamboo in the world, and work with our customers to develop and supply original designs internationally. Also, thanks to bamboo’s antibacterial qualities, you can feel safe using them for all your smoothies, sodas, and soy milkshakes. 10 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Bamboo Socks, All You Need to Know About Bamboo Flooring, 15 Bamboo Kitchen Utensils That Are More Sustainable.

Bamboo has been used as a construction material in certain areas for centuries, but its application as reinforcement in concrete had received little attention until the Clemson study. The problem is that a lot of these areas are out of the way, which means that you either increase your carbon footprint by driving there or end up putting them in a landfill.

Let’s dive right in by explaining why bamboo is the green choice for your future purchases. How Do I Care for my Bamboo Cutting Board? Chinese use Bamboo bicycles and helmets.

He ran his own custom furniture businesses in New York and has spent the past 22 years working intensively with bamboo in Vietnam.

However, we can all take small steps to be more eco-friendly in our home lives, like not leaving our laptops plugged in, taking shorter showers, and everything mentioned in the video below.

Indeed, as members of the bear family, giant pandas possess the digestive system of a carnivore, although they have evolved to depend almost entirely on bamboo. Did you know you can actually switch out that set for a hand-carved bamboo alternative? Thanks for reading :). 10.00 Quick shop Veneerware® Bamboo Knife, Fork, Spoon Sets. As part of an effort to combat this problem, more people are seeking a reusable bottle for their drinks; this is where bamboo water bottles come in.

Let’s look at just a few. The Bamboo Master team of multi skilled craftsmen offer exceptionally good design solutions, backed by consistent, high quality supply. It is truly a plant of emmaculate design.

They can’t be recycled as a whole unit, and they’re hard to break down into their base materials. Enter bamboo toothbrushes, which are designed with recyclable BPA-free bristles, a biodegradable handle, and compostable packaging. It offers us strength, sustainability, versatility, and a green alternative.

Thank you , to the publisher of this article.There is lots of info in it. Is bamboo really a sustainable and eco-friendly resource. For the past 15 years, bamboo experts have been experimenting with the multiple uses of bamboo and are still discovering new applications everyday, bamboo fiber for the garment and automotive industries, flooring boards, veneers as thin as 0.2 mm, are just some of many examples. Below you'll find a list of common uses for bamboo. Read our personal reviews of various brands. If you’re using a desktop computer, you’ve probably already experienced your keyboard buttons popping off as you type, or the plastic casing of your mouse breaking and letting the ball escape. It saves water, prevents deforestation, and reduces carbon emissions. The bamboo products we see on the market today, are just the tip of the iceberg, we predict that more and more innovative applications of bamboo will enter the consumer markets rapidly.

Feel free to check out our store for many Bamboo Products and Services. Don’t believe me? Ultimate load analysis was shown to be more economical and suitable for use. A side benefit of this type of harvest is that the farmer will spot any plant life or animals that are nestled in the bamboo forest and work around them without harming them.

Any kind of farming equipment can be made using Bamboo. What are good bamboo bed sheets? All time favorite: Toothbrushes are one of the first things that pop in peoples mind when they think about bamboo products. © 2020 - Bamboo Plants HQ | All rights reserved.

Therefore it is an exciting era to live in if you are also a firm believer of how bamboo can contribute to a greener and cleaner environment . You may not immediately think of bamboo when it comes to towels, but the plant has been used to make fabric for centuries. If you have a more natural look to your home, then you can choose thick bamboo planks in their natural state. We use the highest quality bamboo in the world, and work with our customers to develop and supply original designs internationally. Some bamboo products include: There are also some very unusual products made from bamboo out in the world. Potential investors and clients frequently ask about the different uses of bamboo, but the better question would be: What cannot be made from bamboo?

He Co-founded Boo Bicycles; the only bamboo bikes in the world competing and winning in professional bike racing. This is why more and more people are doing things to lower their environmental impact, i.e. We provide online sales of bamboo products and wholesale export of bamboo products.

bamboo computer accessories!! Are there any made of 100% bamboo?

China has been following this for a long time. Okay, so for all their positives, bamboo floors can’t think for themselves… as far as we know.

Popular Sustainable Home Goods & Bamboo Products.

Bamboo plants grow tall and strong without the use of pesticides, leaving less chance of any harm to insects or animals and less pollution.

Here is a list of bamboo products and uses.

Beautiful, whitewashed planks, like Rustic Ivory Whitewashed Bamboo Hardwood Flooring, will brighten any room and bring new life to dark furniture. It is renewable, natural, strong, durable, and biodegradable.. Bamboo has natural antibacterial properties and is grown without the use of chemicals. Or if your home has a rustic vibe, you could select planks with a darker varnish and a more textured finish. email Id :, Iam looking for a bamboo material that can be die cut and bought in sheets or rolls.

Just bought some bamboo paper towels gonna give it a try. I liked this article. I am inspired. Engineers and scientists at Kyoto University in Japan have utilized bamboo in the construction of electric cars. 140 million plastic bottles being sent to landfills, Bamboo flooring can suit any design scheme, Rustic Ivory Whitewashed Bamboo Hardwood Flooring, 15 Meat-Free Recipes That Will Make You Drool, choosing zero-waste options that can be recycled or even composted at the end of their lives rather than being sent to the landfill, Remove toxins (i.e. Bamboo Products like Green House, Fish traps, Water Pipes, Baskets, Beehives, Containers, Fencing, Farming Tools etc., are made out of Bamboo. b. Bamboo leaves have antioxidant compounds that are very helpful in preventing free radicals.

Bamboo has been made into numerous products over the years. August 24, 2018. That’s hardly the area where you want to skimp on softness, is it? “As a designer, any successful product that I can make from bamboo is a relief to the environment. © Copyright 2020 by Bamboo Grove - All rights reserved.


Bamboo is one of the few plants that can grow and thrive in these areas, but it can also: 2. Bamboo is one of the best plants on earth able to fight pollution and the crises it causes.

It’s by no means a substitute for actually lowering our pollution levels, but it’s a great start! Bamboos shoots are popular in Asiatic countries and form a major component of their traditional cuisines. We are dedicated to the promotion and use of bamboo throughout the world. Bamboo is also much more eco-friendly than cotton, thanks to its fast regeneration and its CO2-fighting qualities.

Eco-conscious skateboarders and everyone who likes maple syrup on their pancakes (so, basically everyone) wants to put a stop to this. Let us know that and more in the comments below. Is bamboo flooring a sustainable alternative? That doesn’t even account for those bottles that end up littering our oceans or green spaces. Here are some of the ways bamboo plants help to heal the planet: 1. OLA Bamboo Eco-friendly products. Bamboo Master is lead by James Wolf, who has been designing and building furniture for over 35 years and working with bamboo in Vietnam for over 22 years.

These make a great green alternative to leather or plastic collars. From household items to the entire house, bamboo products are nothing new to society. Bamboo Toothbrushes All time favorite: Toothbrushes are one of the first things that pop If you want to make your area greener, get involved with your local environmental group. Ancient civilizations were using bamboo for building long before they were using other materials and this trend has faded slightly over the centuries, but is now making a comeback in parts of the world, becoming a popular resource. e. Black Bamboo is used to treat coughs and mucous in children, lung inflammations, strokes, reduce fever and headache. Another important thing to do is contact your local elected official about these problems and ask them what they’ll do about it. I can’t wait to get my hands into doing something fo something to change the environment.

We have you covered-from environmentally friendly Bamboo flooring, eco-friendly maintenance free composite decking, sustainably sourced table tops, kitchen counters, bathroom vanities, all the way to bamboo fencing panels – we WILL transform your space.

A short film commissioned by INBAR for the World Expo in Shanghai, profiling bamboo - and its many innovative uses as a strong, lightweight, sustainable, carbon capturing material, including surfboards, bikes and building materials. A study of the feasibility of using bamboo as the reinforcing material in precast concrete elements was conducted at the U. S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station way back in 1964. Your email address will not be published. These products include: This is only a tiny representation of what kinds of products can be made with bamboo. Proper sunglasses are essential to protecting your eyes during summer.

Any kind of Kitchenware like Utensils, forks, spoons and etc can be made using Bamboo. Your email address will not be published. Your email address will not be published. How about bamboo socks instead of cotton? Instead, opt for bamboo speakers that can easily be recycled at the end of their life by sending them back to the company that made them. In most areas, you have to take them to the dump or a specialized recycling plant. Most people would never think these products could be made with bamboo, but they hold up just as well as metallic …

Not only is bamboo much more eco-friendly than other similar materials, it’s also much more cost-effective to produce, making your goods much cheaper. Make a change this summer by opting for bamboo frames that are kind to your eyes and the environment. They’ll already know the problems (i.e. There are hundreds of others, all waiting to be accepted into mainstream society as great products to replace those out there made of less renewable resources. As Bamboo is very strong, it prevents major injuries to head.


The bamboo products we see on the market today, are just the tip of the iceberg, we predict that more and more innovative applications of bamboo will enter the consumer markets rapidly. Very resourceful. The problem is that the plastic variety breaks super easily in your bag or suitcase, meaning you have no choice but to trash them.

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