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So she had the baby, hid the child from the world and awaited Sohail's return. Upon reaching their destination Shahid and Nasir become acquainted with the family and Shahid, acting as Nasir, immediately takes a liking to Dolly. Armaan (Urdu: ارمان) is a Pakistani black-and-white film produced by Waheed Murad and directed by Pervez Malik. Najma agrees and takes her home, and she leaves the baby with an old peasant in the hills for safekeeping. She ventures to find Najma, who now lives with the old peasant and her nephew.

The soundtrack features the voices of Ahmed Rushdi, Mala, Naseema Shaheen and Khursheed Nurali (Sheerazi). Her mother then implores Zarnaab to make Zartaab and Armaan's marriage happen.

Shammi Kapoor the bar piano player One day Zarnaab and Armaan are sitting near a tree covered with a tattered cloth. His foster son Akash shares his dream . Before leaving, he takes off the cloth from the tree and throws it away as the lovers reunite. The film is produced by Tarang Housefull, Abdullah Kadwani and 7th Sky Entertainment. He tries to meet with her but Najma stops him just in time and pleads to him to go back, but doesn't tell him what has happened as she is bound by her promise.

As a result of the affair she had become pregnant, however she abstained from telling Sohail as he had finally found the job of his dreams and was going away to work. T…

Armaan songs are sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Aamir Zaki, Shreya Ghoshal, Shaan and Sana Zulfiqar. [2] The film is produced by Tarang Housefull, Abdullah Kadwani and 7th Sky Entertainment. After a while the Shahid and Nasir are told that Seth Khan Bahadur has been invited to Murree to finalize the marriage. Armaan's soundtrack has remained hugely popular amongst Pakistani citizens since its release. The film was picturized in black-and-white prints in Karachi.[1][2][3]. Fawad Khan and Aamina Sheikh won Tarang Housefull Awards for Best On Screen Couple.

[3], Armaan broke several records at the Pakistani Box Office. When they jumped, the cloth rips off and pulls them back to safety. One day, after coming home late from a night club, his father catches him red handed and proceeds to scold him. She then mumbles that he didn't ask whose name she tied the cloth for, implying that she tied it for Armaan. Meanwhile, in Murree, the nephew of the old peasant tries to force Najma to marry him and in the struggle she apparently kills him.

Zarnaab pranks him by switching places with a hijra.

On being questioned by her mother about refusing to marry Armaan, Zartaab is forced to confess that she is pregnant with Salman's child. An infuriated Armaan orders his manager, Danny, to find out the name and address of the girl who played the prank on him. However, his real father arrives and exposes the whole truth. Nasir (acting as Shahid), however, takes a liking to Najma and the two fall in love. Reluctant at first, Armaan agrees to go to Murree when he is told that Zarnaab also lives there. He holds her hand to stop her and pulls her back. and Shakti Kapoor the freeloading The film is a remake of the same name released in 1966, which starred Waheed Murad and Zeba. Directed by Anjum Shahzad. The songs, "Akele Na Jaana" and "Ko Ko Koreena" have gained cult status, so much so that they still continue to be favourites almost 50 years after their release.
The film is a remake of the same name released in 1966, which starred Waheed Murad and Zeba. [1] The Bollywood disco song "Ramba Ho Ho Ho Samba Ho Ho Ho" was listed at #21 on Binaca Geetmala annual list 1981. Ranjeeta Kaur the shared love interest, When Zarnaab catches Armaan flirting with her, she tricks him by exchanging places with a transgender. Meanwhile, Seema's long gone lover, Sohail returns only to find her married to Nasir. It became the first "Platinum Jubilee" in the history of Pakistani Cinema and ran for 76 weeks. Meanwhile, Danny finds out about Zarnaab. Armaan is skeptic and Zarnaab tries to prove him the truthfulness of the story by tying a red cloth to the tree. All the songs in this film were composed by Bappi Lahiri, and the lyrics were written by Indeewar and Anjaan. Shahid persuades her to come home with him and marry Nasir who is depressed all the time and also tells her about Seema's death.

His father, seeing how serious he is, joyfully agrees.

One day however, he is caught red handed. He spends his time in the valleys of Murree where he hallucinates that Najma is present among the trees. On the same day Armaan's grandfather arrives in Murree and the truth comes to light. Another popular song was "Mere Jaesi Haseena", a song in the Indian-Trinidadian hybrid style known as Chutney. The story, dialogue and lyrics were also by Sharma. Meanwhile, Zartaab meets Salman and tells him that the situation is becoming serious and he should inform his family otherwise, she would have to marry Danny (fake Armaan).

The encounter of Armaan flirting with the hijra is recorded on the video of the ceremony. Armaan is a Hindi film directed by Anand Sagar, starring Raj Babbar, Shakti Kapoor, Shammi Kapoor, Ranjeeta Kaur, Dev Kumar, Deepak Parashar and as a guest star Kalpana Iyer and Prema Narayan in song "Mere Jaesi Haseena".

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Nasir is crushed and leaves in anger. Nasir takes his friend Shahid along and on the way switches roles with him, thereby exempting himself from marriage. A young and flirtatious man, Armaan meets Zarnaab at a friend's Mayoon and is mesmerized by her. Nasir, returned to Karachi, is overcome with depression and resorts to drinking to forget his sadness. Upon hearing the piano playing from a nearby school Armaan follows the sound and discovers that Zarnaab is the one playing it. In addition to its commercial success, Armaan won several awards at the Nigar Award ceremony in 1966 including Best Film.[1]. He confronts Najma and asks her what gave her the right to toy with his emotions and weave this web of lies. The brilliant soundtrack composed by Sohail Rana contributed enormously to Armaan's success and is considered to be his magnum opus. Armaan tells his grandfather that he wants to marry Zarnaab and not Zartaab. Directed by Pervez Malik. Fawad Khan and Aamina Sheikh won Tarang Housefull Awards for Best On Screen Couple. So they decided that if they couldn't live together, they would die together.

Directed by Honey Irani.

His father and Seema's mother welcome her with open arms, but tell her that Nasir has left the house without telling anyone and in his condition, he might do something desperate.

Armaan and Danny pose as each other. His zodiac sign is Cancer. Dr. Siddharth Sinha is a dedicated selfless doctor who dreams of building a state-of-the-art hospital with all the modern instruments and amenities for patient care . Nasir thinks that Sohail is Najma's lover when he sees them talking and falls into another misunderstanding.

Meanwhile, Armaan (fake Danny) and Zarnaab fall in love and start spending time with each other. After a misunderstanding where Zarnaab unexpectedly finds out that Armaan was only posing as Danny, the couple is able to patch up after Armaan explains everything to Zarnaab.

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