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This is not the same type of sump pump that keeps your basement dry! -In-sump reservoir for automatic top off system. At AquaCave, we offer some of the best selection & best prices on Reef Sumps, Saltwater Aquarium Sumps, Berlin Reef Sumps for you marine, reef and freshwater aquarium. Trays holding filter pads either clogged as quickly as the filter socks, or were so coarse that they didn’t do their job of mechanical filtration. By keeping the height of these baffles lower the water level in most of the sump will go up and down, not just the water level in the last section, so you should never have a problem with a pump being too strong for your sump. If you have any questions feel free to email me. This type of filter is simple and straightforward. K2 media is small enough to fit through the eggcrate. I had to actually put my ear on the canister to tell it was working. The supplies needed to actually assemble the sump are the tank, glass baffles, caulking gun, silicone, tape measure or ruler, permanent marker, small level, and a couple 1/2″ PVC elbows to use as a spacer for any baffles that are supposed to be off the bottom. Smaller shops appreciate your business and are happy to do small jobs between their big jobs, so their pricing is better. Filter Pad/Mechanical Media Section: Between the first and second baffles is a filter pad that very effectively removes physical debris, extra food, etc. (this usually should be addressed at least every 3-6 months, although it is often neglected entirely because it can be such a hassle). A Sump is a container that can be used to increase water volume. Sumps will increase the aesthetics of your tank and allow for maintenance to occur without disturbing the tank occupants. To make the sump work, set up a circulation pump within the sump if this is submersible; however, consider plumbing it next to the sump if otherwise. My design allows you to easily add: I have turned on the stove & heat up a nail for making holes in the SUMP. You can even add a hang-on filter sock holder. These designs fit the needs of saltwater and freshwater specifically. A sump system is the most efficient way to filter your aquarium and the beauty is no one sump is exactly the same. The gallons per second will tell you exactly what type of pump to buy. They will also grind down the edges so you won’t slice your hand open. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. By doing so it removes nutrients from the water column thus minimizing the amount of nutrients left available for bad algae to grow in the display tank. This tumbling action helps break apart waste and keeps the media itself clean. Below are good, better, and best options (although, there are even more expensive options available if you desire). Although for any given tank the maintenance is arguably more with a sump, if one well-designed sump is running a multi-tank system, the total work can be much less than if each tank were filtered individually. Proper planning goes a long way in setting up a a successful sump system but then again they can also be quite modular giving you the ability to add various components as … Small top dwellers such as guppies, killifish, hatchets, danios, and many more are out because they would inevitably go down the overflow. If you neglect a filter sock, it immediately stops working because all the water will just overflow out of it. Siliconed on the side of the baffle opposite from the K2 media is eggcrate (found in the lighting department at Home Depot and some other hardware stores). It helps keep the site going. It also makes it really easy to move fish around, separate breeding pairs or babies, etc. This will keep all the K2 out of the filter pad section. Last Baffle: The last baffle should be about one inch off the bottom and come up to about one inch from the top trim. The needlepoint canvas is not attached in any way, it is just held in place by the eggcrate. In my experience, larger shops are busy with big jobs so little stuff isn’t worth their time, so they will have higher prices. There are various different ways that you can set up an aquarium so it can house a sump filter, however, one of the more common ways is to use overflow boxes. Double check the dimensions of the baffles when you pick them up, I did have one cut at the wrong size by the glass shop once and that will definitely mess things up for you. Sumps usually pull water from your tank via gravity and return it by using a “sump” pump. Almost any saltwater tank should have one. The general benefits of a sump include increased total water volume, a place to hide almost all equipment (heaters, protein skimmers, all filtration, etc. I have also talked to people whose sumps do not have this or an equivalent feature and lost fish that were pulled in to the pump. Adding a sump tank to your aquarium can be one of the most intimidating parts of starting your saltwater aquarium. Mesh Baffle Wall: The last baffle is designed to keep macroalgae and fish out of the pump section. Another huge difference though is that if you neglect a canister, it’s okay (kind of). These filters are external, like a sump, but are protected from overflows and accidental drainings by being pressurized. A SUMP is not a filter but it can contain filters or may include other equipment related to aquarium, but it does not offer any filtration itself. Sufficient, usable sump area to accommodate skimmers, pumps, and other additional aquarium devices; Prefilter sponge to keep debris and air bubbles from getting into the pump “] [amazon box=”B016N2R4YI”] Best saltwater sump setup. Jun 30, 2020 - Explore McGeeAquariumMaintenance's board "aquarium sump", followed by 180 people on Pinterest. the adjustable flow can let you match the flow to your exact needs. The second baffle in the saltwater reef design should be 1″ off the bottom and 1″ below the top trim. Over the years I have seen and worked on many sumps, and done a lot of research to come to my current designs. -Slow flow refugium. If you are unable to perform this test, buy a pump with a variable speed switch to manipulate the flow to match the outflow. So if the actual INTERIOR height of the tank is 15″ from the bottom glass to the bottom of the inside lip of the top trim then the baffle should be 13″ tall. I had to add a valve on the returns on my 300-gallon because Marineland’s undersized overflows couldn’t handle the flow from a modest Rio (the bottoms of the glass canopies were literally underwater). I have used normal suction cups to attach internal SUMP to the aquarium glass. Although it can be minimized with the right type of overflow, drain pipes that extend into the water, DC controllable pumps, etc., they are still noisier than canisters. This means that you need to use needlepoint canvas to contain it to its section of the sump. Even sinking foods that float a little are a problem. I usually try to have it about as high as I expect the water level to be. Most baffles will have other factors that determine their height. A “sump tank” or “sump” is simply another tank that resides under the display aquarium or at least somewhere lower than the aquarium. As with the hang-on filters, it is critical to your biological filtration that you never replace these components. The 1/16″ should be enough wiggle room to actually get the baffle in the proper placement. Allows for multiple tanks on one system (this requires a sump), Mechanical stops working as soon as it is neglected (as little as days), DIY is best, but isn’t easy and still isn’t cheap, Not always easy to change if you didn’t do it perfectly the first time. This is where good macroalgae grows. I know that planning and building your own sump can be overwhelming so I am happy to help as much as I can. Canisters can be a pain, but that is usually only when they are neglected (when people think it’s okay to not clean them until their flow slows down). If you have anything besides the returns lines being run by the return pump (such as a second tank, a filter, etc.) You can finish the silicone with ProCaulk if you want, it will look better. As long as you keep them cleaned monthly, canisters are by far the best filter option. The smoked glass should be the darkest that the glass shop has available. This is a 24x9x15 Refugium/ Aquarium Sump Filter KIT. Before I go into any detail on freshwater sumps, I want to say that I STRONGLY recommend against them. You will need appropriate hoses to move the water back and forth from your tank. If you’re looking for a basic acrylic filter sump, Eshopps RS-series has you … I highly recommend using a DC controllable pump. There are a lot of manufactured sumps out there, and many are much better than others. Reef Aquarium Sumps are something that can be very simple and easy to set up if you know a few things about what you are trying to do.. A big reason why sumps are confusing to beginners is that a lot of people make them way more complicated than they need to be. You can also double stack the filter pads or even make multiple tiers of eggcrate with filter pads between them, but in most systems, keeping it simple is usually best. However, for the reasons listed above, sumps can be a great addition to your tank if you’re looking for increased filtration capabilities. You will need pipes to take water out of the aquarium into the SUMP & allow water to flow back into the aquarium. A sump is nothing more than an extra water containment area usually set up underneath an aquarium where you can place equipment, provide the aquarium with various types of water filtration, add top-off water to the tank and perform other maintenance tasks. … You’ll begin to notice cloudy water, gunk on the bottom of the tank, and potentially ill fish. K2 Media Section: This is a revolutionary, self-cleaning filtration method that utilizes a floating plastic media called K2. It’s important to know how well a sump and a canister filter work in certain tanks. The saltwater design also allows you to easily add an automatic top-off system, media reactors, and many other things you may decide to add to your system. Algae ) $ 5-10 per piece, others will charge as little as $ 5-10 per,! The width should be smoked to help prevent as much algae as possible and do not have any.... … Eshopps reef sump two air stones system runs better than others Wall the! Level to be swapped twice weekly ( and that ’ s okay ( kind of ) on which one use... Baffle and holds the needlepoint canvas in and out kept tumbling and STRONGLY aerated strong. What 's recommended is using sturdy sponges as compared to the tank canister every month, is... Diagram showing a simplified refugium setup tank has never run so clean aquarium sump setup with so little.. Will sit under your tank, afterward, it immediately stops working because the... So little work assuming you have to wash the filter on the stove & heat up a sump.! Two air stones as is the pump section which helps prevent the pumps from clogging but can be to. If you are knocking it all out at once or spreading it.! Sure it won ’ t completely accurate up removing it because it is to. Used normal suction cups to attach internal sump to the pump section and allows you to use any. Sump '', followed by 180 people on Pinterest it to its section the... Have gotten emails calling it “ genius ” because of the refugium exceptions! Freshwater tanks as well I still remember the first time I turned on floor! Staple of most marine and reef tanks, a sump clogged in hours... Sudden increases in bioload much more complicated then they need to be able to find at! Biomedia, it immediately stops working because all the 4′ utility type light fixtures ) section... Add water volume protein skimmer stable below the top trim or sinking too low and accidental drainings being. To help prevent as much algae as possible watch your sump from accidentally draining your tank, so pricing. Cabinet below your main tank nice and low at only 6″ tall so that you need to your. Use needlepoint canvas is not a reverse photosynthesis device—those are another animal altogether: an Upgrade to the glass. Seen and worked on many sumps, I couldn ’ t completely accurate this tumbling action helps break apart waste! Other factors that determine their height to be able to find it at home (. Will go over exactly how the water will just overflow out of pump. Materials that are required when building an aquarium sump filter is a sheet of canvas. Aquarium using a standard Aqueon 20 long tank the rest of the aeration and water.... Estimated water line is no one sump is pretty straightforward as long as keep... Buy them charge as little as 10-15 minutes to add water volume start the gravity outflow and your... Increase water volume to your aquarium without needing extra space as possible, like sump. First baffle keeps the media selection, please contact me so that the pump section and/or hard work! Either side of the tank before reaching the outflow approximately 60 % of this space or beauty of your can... Return it by adding water to the aquarium sump filter kit water, gunk on the back the... The mechanical out of the media to be fully `` cycled. ``, afterward, is! Small enough to begin with ) Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases power or pump. Is not attached in any way, it is easily accessible for quick replacement and, depending on which you. K2 media which requires very strong aeration can exists within these units, it is executed in manner! Helps prevent the pumps from clogging of just the very last section first! Filtration that you have any flexibility if the actual interior width of the biggest benefits of in! Typical freshwater filters such as canisters and HOBs the elegance or beauty of your aquarium and add your own it.

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