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A blond-haired girl named Wendy first meets Professor Coldheart who builds up the magic shop and asks him what he is doing and he initially turns to be nice for her so after their talk, she leaves him. When the Care Bears forget Birthday Bear's birthday, they become trapped in a maze by Noheart. This was followed by The Care Bear Family, which was produced by Nelvana and shown on the ABC network from September 13, 1986 to January 23, 1988. Cheer Bear learns that perseverance plays a big role in raising the spirits of a Grumpy Bear. Treat Heart must outwit the two villains in order to rescue the other Care Bears missing stuff. Whenever a kid is feeling down, they are there to help bring a smile to the child's face. America Cares Bear (2003) is a happy, patriotic, and energetic bear who believes that America's greatest strengths are caring, helping others, and teamwork.

Brave Heart must overcome his superstitions on Friday the 13th and save the other Care Bears who are lost in the jungle. In March 2003, Sterling Entertainment released 3 releases on VHS and DVD - "Bedtime Stories", "The Last Laugh" and "To the Rescue". However Beastly keeps ruining Brightheart's day at the picnic. Their cousins live in the Forest of Feelings. Brave Heart believes he's not needed by his crew and becomes the King of the Moon but soon learns that they need him after all.

He then decides that being a forest ranger is the right thing for him.

The Care Bears take them into their wonderland where they experience exciting and dangerous adventures together and quickly become good friends. Baby Hugs and Tugs feel really badly about worrying Grams Bear needlessly so they wipe off the green crayon dots they put on themselves to make them look sick, but instead of Grams Bear thinking that her children are better, she thinks that their disease has gotten worse! The Care Bears organize a fair to cheer children up and make them happy but Shreeky and Beastly are determined to destroy it. Grams tells a story of ancient Egypt, Beastly and Shreeky try to break the friendship between two neighboring countries by stealing a precious gift. Treat Hear learns there is a time to work and a time to play because of her, Shreeky captures Hugs and Tugs. Beastly tricks his way in the annual Care Bear obstacle race in hopes of being crowned King of Care-A-Lot for a day.

The Care Bears have their annual basketball game. While Grams read the Cubs safety Rhymes, Hugs and Tugs daydream and act out they have heard. Each bear and cousin has a special power, related to the symbol on its tummy. The Care Bears help a young girl try to stop Shreeky's plan to turn the forest of Feelings into a gnarled wasteland. The Care Bears help save them, as well as teach them not to judge people because they are a little different. In 2016, Platform Entertainment would release 4 DVDs of the series.

Another compilation titled Happy Birthday, Care Bears was released by Maximum in February 2008, containing 12 episodes set within 2 discs. During summertime, the children are preparing for the camp along with their coach and the Care Bears join in.

Bedtime Bear manages to pull the cloudy blanket off of the telescope's lens, so the Care Bears can see the view more easily. He lster uses his machine to stop the monster. The evil Sour Sam is out to ruin Thanksgiving with his Crabby Apple Pies and only the Care Bears can stop him.

Only one thing will ""Cure"" the two baby Care Bears now: a tear from No-Heartsaurus, and he has never cried before ever. It is so embarrassing for Joey that he complains about having braces after his departure from the dentist. On August 26, 2008, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment released Care Bears: Care-A-Lot Collection on DVD in Region 1. Brave Heart and Grumpy help a small boy be part of the circus unaware that the evil duo Beastly and Shreeky are out to trap them. The Care Bear Cousins' leader is Braveheart Lion. He tells a scary story about the flying phantom and that scares them away. The Care Bears must save the boy before it's too late and everyone is turned into uncaring toad-things. Champ helps a yougn skier regain his confidence after an accident. Treat Heart plays the role of Ali Baba in this episode with Beastly and Shriekly playing the roles of the theiving villains. The siblings Kim and Jason don't trust anyone anymore after being disappointed once too often. Bashful Heart Bear (2003) is the shyest of the Care Bears. Cheer, Treatheart and Champ go look for him and Beastly traps them in the cave. Champ Bear hosts an exercise show complete with a warm up aerobics, and many helpful fitness tips. But the evil Dark Heart has other plans, and convinces one of the campers to help him capture the Care Bears. Shreeky and Beastly do their best to stop him. On a rainy day Hugs and Tugs overcome the Bast of Boredom by finding lots of exciting things to do.

The Care Bear Cousins' leader is Braveheart Lion. A very limited edition release, she is white and her tummy symbol is a blue, red, and white shooting star. Gram's bear has a new cooking show on TV and she's baking cookies. Their cousins live in the Forest of Feelings. The Care Bears try to make him feel better, but it doesn't work. Grams tells Hugs and Tugs how a magical apple tree fed an entire village until greed destroyed it.

A well-meaning Maestro from the dark part of the galaxy, steals the stars for light to read music by. An additional DVD - "Daydreams" was released in mid 2003, and contained a Strawberry Shortcake short as a bonus on the DVD version. The fun is spoiled when Professor Coldheart and Frostbite plan to freeze this place, but trying not to harm the Care Bear Family, they send the fortune telling machine into the forest. The franchise launched in 1982 with ten title characters, and in 1984 added several more characters known as the Care Bear Cousins. The car is designed to ruin the parade and destroy Care-A-Lot. The two boys are making a plan to make a totem pole in a different way, no matter what they think. Care Bears TM & © 2020 Those Characters From Cleveland. Cheer, a city girl, visits Champ in the jungle but soon learns not to judge something by looks alone.

When some of the Care Bears and some of the Care Bear Cousins see the city that's turnig colorless, they try to care for the people who feel the same thing and refuse to say what is good. In total, 12 collections have been released, each featuring random episodes from the series. In this caring tale Grams tells the exciting Arabian adventure of how Champ must find a magic lamp in the city of Badhgag. Bright Heart goes skiing by himself, and is nearly captured by Beastly and Shreeky. In Gram's exciting caring tale, Viking Grumpy persists in overcoming his clumsiness when he tries to become someone he's not. Professor Coldheart uses a magic mirror to turn the Care Bears into selfish, uncaring Bears. The Care Bears attend a music concert with the singing minstrel. This is the story of Jill, a girl who thinks it's fun to tell lies as practical jokes, but when her lies get two friends in danger, the Care Bears have to help her understand the consequences, as well as help her save her friends. The boys are not very pleased when they hear their mother announce them that they will have a sister. Little Tugs tries to be like his hero Brave Heart but realizes he'd rather be himself when he confronts a dangerous dinosaur. As fast as the games start, Shrieky and Beastly team up to cheat their way to winning all the medals. Sterling would later release all 22 episodes in 7 volume collections in 2004 entitled Celebration, Dreamland, Forever Friends, Land of Enchantment, Starry Skies, Tenderheart Tales and Fun in the Sun. Two of the kids named Elaine and Joey are so depressed because there is no water. Bright Heart Raccoon meets a robot that not only has a great heart, he makes great popsicles as well!

This makes the boys treaten to cheat amongst the raceway. When Champ prevents Mr. Beastly from ruining the Care Bear Family picnic and dumping food on Brightheart. Will our lovable heroes' Care Stare be enough to vanquish the villain -- and convince his apprentice that good's the way to go? Volume 2, released in October 2004 contained 5 episodes, and The Magic Shop (released in February 2005) and The Girl who Cried Wolf (released in August 2005) each contained 3 episodes, with the Freeze Machine special appearing on the latter again for an unknown reason, likely as filler. The bears have two modes of transportation, Cloudmobiles and Rainbow Rollers, which they fly down to earth on whenever there is trouble. Three children who are curious about the strange man who runs a nearby lighthouse get lost at sea. In their search, she discovers a giant worm that eats clouds and tries to beg him not to damage Care-a-Lot because she knows it's a delicate place. Hearing the boys brag about making a car, a couple of girls with pigtails are often teased. They hold meetings in the Hall of Caring to discuss important matters. With Tugs sick in bed, Hugs spends a fun filled day doing many activities with her newfound friend - her own shadow. On October 6, 2015, Mill Creek released The Care Bears – The Complete Original Series on DVD in Region 1. No Heart unleashes a terrible demon to try and destroy the Care Bears as the drive a herd of helpless little stars to Big Star Point. When the monster attacks, Brightheart ruins the team's care bear stare.

[7] The 6-disc set features the majority of episodes from the series (from the previously released discs excluding King of the Moon and Give Thanks) as well as the bonus feature Care Bears Nutcracker Suite. The Care Bears live in a faraway place up in the clouds called Care-a-Lot, which constitutes a part of the Kingdom of Caring.

They carry the mission of propagating love and care to every person who lives on the planet. Mother Nature is captured by the witch of winter, and if Hugs and Tugs don't rescue her by sunset, it will be winter forever. When they unite, they can use the Care Bear Stare to beam good energy at their enemies, such as No Heart, Professor Cold Heart, Shrieky, and Beastly. Champ shirks his duty of guarding the Caring Meter giving No Heart a perfect opportunity to cover a town with uncaring smoke. The Care Bears Family combined old episodes of Care Bears with new ones. When No Heart creates a fog to keep the Care Bears from helping people, Braveheart puts the Care Bear team in charge of putting the Caring Beacon in the tower and watching Hugs and Tugs. Champ tells Cheer and Treatheart to watch the cubs, but Cheers dares him and Brightheart to watch them instead. Each bear and cousin has a special power, related to the symbol on its tummy.

They live in a city in the sky, named Care-A-Lot. He’s blue with very sleepy eyes and a moon on his tummy.

The title characters originally appeared in card artwork by Elena Kucharik, before branching out into various media and merchandise. Beastly and Shreeky trick the Care Bears away from their work and into a carnival they've set up as a trap to capture them. This animated adventure goes back in time to the Care Bears' first-ever Caring Mission, when True Heart Bear and Noble Heart Horse touch down on Earth to boost the spirits of some unhappy kids at summer camp. Treat Heart and Cheer learn to appreciate each other and work together when they are confronted by an evil two-headed monster. The Care Bears try to help a young rodeo boy learn that how you feel about yourself is what really counts. Beastly gets trapped along with them and Brightheart is the one that thinks of a way to get them out.

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