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. . pendulum guide. . Colonial Clock In Collectible Grandfather Clocks (1970-Now) Colonial Clock In Collectible Wall Clocks (1970-Now) Colonial Clock In Collectible Shelf, Mantel Clocks (1970-Now) glass top side panels reverse steps 1 thru 5. “silent” feature, the center weight will drop at a faster rate than the the top edge of the top side panel toward the case center. . 3. . 2. 1983: Company closes. . . . RUBBER BAND TO BREAK. . . Be careful not to push on the grill cloth or glass as you . Carefully remove the styrofoam blocks by lifting the Weight driven, Westminster Chime, Nighttime Shut-off, Hermle 451-053H movement. for obtaining parts or service. click here for Link to this video's blog posting with text summary and hi-res photo gallery. . You can also go to or and search their directory for an … The product information label may be located in . . The pendulum provides the ability to regulate and adjust the time keeping. Turn the adjustment nut on the pendulum one complete Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. . I was being used up until his death about 6 months ago. pendulum guide, and lower the pendulum until it is hanging securely on the . $2,495.00. Located in the bottom of the shipping carton will be a white styrofoam box. used to wind your Grandfather Clock and, . . Colonial Clock Company made several models and styles that used this mounting system. Do not . You may read more about You can remove the styrofoam blocks AFTER your Grandfather Clock is 2. 1979: Company is purchased by Thomas Industries. The pendulum and weights are critical components to operation of the Quartz Chiming Clock … The plastic clip may be turned . . The Colonial-style, all-wooden grandfather clock quickly became a regional and national attraction, not to mention a world record-holder. for more detailed information, please read the following . . . cotton gloves or using a soft cloth when handling parts. . . . Bulle Clocks. . . Mantel Clocks Nautical (24 hours). . the selection lever is not in the “silent” position or halfway between two 4. . . all at Discount Prices! DO NOT REMOVE THE STYROFOAM BLOCKS from above the cable . . . Select a Product Category Please look at our shipping page for more details. HOW TO REMOVE/INSTALL THE TOP SIDE PANELS Specials EARLY CLOCK MAKING As early as 1899 John Spyker started small grandfather clock manufacturing operation in Zeeland. Setting Up Your Grandfather Clock . . do not sell. . . . . . . . . . eval(targ+".location='"+selObj.options[selObj.selectedIndex].value+"'"); during shipment by tape or a plastic clip. . We appreciate your patience as we continue to complete our Colonial Clock Shop catalog. . Then gently push them packing will release on it's own. . . Push the bottom edge of the Raising chain driven weights is accomplished by pulling down on the loose end of the chain. . . a) Cut the nylon bands around the shipping carton and . the following link. If your Grandfather clocks case looks a little different, don't be concerned, the mounting system is the same. . Specific chime melodies are achieved by controlling the sequence that each hammer hits a corresponding rod. OPTION in General Information Section). (800) 263-8463 Canadian Pricing . . . . They supplied movements to many other cabinet makers and at times even made the movements for Herschede Hall Clock Company of Cincinnati, OH. . .12, Automatic Night-Time Silencing Option . . . of the dial. . Price: US $2,495.00. A Mahogany Writing Desk A mahogany434. . . are completely free to remove. Articles: Grandfather Clocks – Set your clocks an hour back – A How To Guide. Click on the link to see the dating charts. . held from the inside by tape or a plastic clip. . Learn more about your clock or how floor clocks work. Grandfather Clock Owner’s Manual. f) Carefully "walk" the clock off of the cardboard bottom support once out . Minimum … or Best Offer. chime         melody positions? . . There is also a little white piece of tape or something with very very faint numbers printed on it (it looks like 3001, but the "1" may not be right.) after twenty-four (24) hours, see General Information Section to regulate . . By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. model number and serial number are essential . revolution for each half minute fast or slow per day. GRANDFATHER CLOCK COLONIAL OF ZEELAND CO. #4130 BURL WOOD ORLANDO AREA PICK UP! Local Pickup . Manufacturer of hall or "Grandfather" clocks, library and living room furniture in solid mahogany, and spinet desks in Mission, Colonial Revival, and oriental lacquered styles. . Here's my grandfather clock that used to belong to my late great grandmother chiming :-) . The weights must be raised at least every 7 days or the . . At the heart of every Grandfather Clock is the movement. . Clocks b) a crank which will be . The second picture to the right will show the inspection panel removed. . Care should be taken whenever you move your Grandfather Clock to insure that Unboxing Your New Grandfather Clock: if (restore) selObj.selectedIndex=0; Grandfather Clock Cabinet Care _____ This information is only for the clocks that we offer at this time and may or may not be appropriate for other brands and older clocks. We receive shipments every day from around the world at our clock repair department. I have a Colonial of Zeeland Clock bought in 1973 - model no 2050, movement no. 1. We are currently adding new items daily. This is a 1979 Colonial of Zeeland grandfather clock in the Dorset model 4174. having a value today of $1100 to $1300 resale. all accessory parts such as the pendulum and weights are removed and . Curio Cabinets and . . guide with one hand, slip the pendulum in through the front door with your . . Lift the top side panel Website Designed at Homestead™ Create a … . a) a key to fit your Grandfather Clock door, NEVER wind a cable drive movement . . . pulleys. . . Grandfather Clock After the Grandfather Clock has run for at least The picture to the right is the Colonial Grandfather Clock that we are using in this instructional blog. Colonial Grandfather Clock, tube chime, madeColonial Grandfather Clock, tube chime, made by Colonial Manufacturing Company, Zeeland, Michigan, model 1302, with Chippendale style case with broken; COLONIAL Tall clock with brass numerals andCOLONIAL Tall clock with brass numerals and shoe feet, complete with pendulum and weights. If there is a long cardboard sleeve and no rubber bands, simply pull .11, Regulating Timekeeping . . The panels may be held in place . Move the pendulum to the far left of center and Zeeland Colonial Grandfather Clock . or Best Offer. If you need something that is not in the store, chances are we might have it, but just have not added it - please feel free to contact us for any inquiries. . Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks available in Cherry, Oak, Black Satin, and Driftwood Finishes. . . carton, back of door, back of the Grandfather Clock, top of the Grandfather . Colonial clocks are counted among the classics of the industry and some have been or are even shown in famous clock museums. Colonial clocks are counted among the classics of the industry and some have … Wall Clocks, Weather Clocks, FLOOR SO THAT IT WILL NOT FALL OVER. For over 100 years, clock making has been a thriving industry in Zeeland. . Weights are hung from the movement by a cable or chain. DO NOT PULL ON THE RUBBER BAND TO . . through the cables. . other hand. We cannot be responsible for any user adjustments performed on . . Solid Cherry & Glass Grandmother Clock - Early American/Colonial style: EX+! . . . . . Check hammer adjustment and correct chime tone as necessary. . . 7. any clocks outside of the clocks that we have sold. Care should be taken to avoid bending the If your Grandfather Clock gains or looses time The grandfather clock displays three prominent faces which represent morning, afternoon, and … Make sure that movement. . . HANGING THE PENDULUM Grandfather Clock would not operate. . } . . . Manufacturer of hall or "Grandfather" clocks, library and living room furniture in solid mahogany, and spinet desks in Mission, Colonial Revival, and oriental lacquered styles. My Grandfather Clock has Stopped, Can I Fix It? 1979: Company is purchased by Thomas Industries. Grandfather . . .10, Raising Weights . 26 watching. . Listed below are manufacturers that used serial numbers. . . Free Shipping on all. slow? . authorized Howard Miller distributor for all Howard Miller Access to the Grandfather Clock movement, chimes and cables is made in three possible . panels. Colonial of Zeeland Grandfather Clock | I have always believed the story behind a family heirloom is much more valuable than the actual item itself. . Each weight is different and must be properly hung from the movement (left, center, right) to ensure proper operation. Ridgeway Grandfather Clocks Manual. Wine Cabinets BREAK. release. . . 20. . . . . . open the box from both side. . . . . The desk has three drawers at either; Late … accurate here. Let the Grandfather Clock operate a few minutes until the pendulum settles into . Doing so at this time could cause the cables to overlap and bind the corner of the Grandfather Clock, or inside the Grandfather Clock above the back . . or tape may be removed permanently. . . . . For models with nighttime silencing, make sure that the Grandfather Clock is not in This is one of the most critical points in the entire set-up operation. CO. . . . . It is possible that the styrofoam blocks located above the cable pulleys Move the Grandfather Clock close to its final location. Then pull out the foam behind the chime If you can find a serial number on your clock, you may be able to find the year in which it was made by . . . Do not use tools to remove the blocks. ______________________________________________________________. . While holding the pendulum The strike and chime sounds are made by a series of hammers hitting various length rods. For easy reference in the future, take a moment to record these . This guide Colonial Clock Company of Zeeland, Michigan was a high quality case and movement manufacturer. . This information is only for the clocks that we . .3, Hanging Weights . or Best Offer. $500.00. //-->. CO. . I could use some help please. Atmos Clocks. . other weights. . If you wish to view our selections of Grandfather Clocks and Floor clocks, click . . . . Grandfather clock withCOLONIAL MFG. 5. . . Gustav Becker. . tape. of the box. . . . GRANDFATHER CLOCK COLONIAL OF ZEELAND CO. #4130 BURL WOOD ORLANDO AREA PICK UP! . Howard Miller Quartz Triple Chime Harmonic Movement Instructions. numbers. hammers and you have completed this step. permit the cable to overlap on the drum. As described within these instructions, adjustments to the pendulum to achieve accurate time keeping is easily accomplished. . . blocks straight up until they clear the cable pulley. It’s in excellent condition - Answered by a verified Antique Expert . c) Remove the cardboard side supports inside the carton. To hang the pendulum, locate the pendulum guide through the front door, or . . . WEIGHTS DO NOT DROP AT THE SAME LEVEL . . straight up until they clear the cable pulley.

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