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competitive—is competitive by its very nature… Pride gets no pleasure out of having something, only out of having more of it than the next man.” For Peterson, all success is based on comparing favorably with others. There’s also probably a bit of Jealousy involved, since Peterson’s preaching is drawing more crowds on a Monday night (at $100 a ticket) than most preachers are getting Sunday morning (which doesn’t cost anything). Goooooood!

It's not that hard to understand. perfect. Also when you quote Lewis – “as long as you are proud… you cannot see something that is above you” – you seem not to recognize that this is the idea underlying much of Jordan Peterson’s work. ‹ The Calvinist International(), Remarkable thinking and writing, well done! They get sick there, and remain unknown and unloved. Terrible. This forum is dedicated to the work associated with Dr. Jordan Peterson: a public intellectual, clinical psychologist, and professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. As Pride elevates the self, it “leads to every other vice”; it teaches you to treat others as objects and subject them to your will. The ironic thing is that Peterson’s Christianity is probably the best chance for Christianity to survive in the West. The celebrity you admire is a chronic drunk driver and bigot. It’s not that I don’t understand why Christians are attracted to Peterson’s message of personal responsibility, especially as it is addressed to young men. He has a homepage at If anything, I feel like this is going somewhere! Thus the wise man will not be reproached. Of course, Peterson, not being a Christian (nor perhaps even a theist), does not intend any of these statements in their theological sense. (and the comment about being a Mel Gibson fan?

Finally, whenever you see anything a bit more like what you want, swoop in (hawk, remember) and deliver a reward. With this lifestyle, one will acquire self respect, and maybe even enough credibility and influence to help broader society. After having watched many hours, I cannot see that what he recommends is harmful or dangerous. I saw this rule on a sign at west ham London underground station. Press J to jump to the feed. The C.S. Then hopefully you can tackle bigger and better things. For one thing, everything Alastair Roberts wrote. Therefore, DON’T compare yourself to others. The reality of the matter is that Peterson’s views do not reconcile with Christianity. The campaign is working well! Consider what Peterson says Rule 2 (“Treat yourself like someone you are responsible for helping.”): Heaven, after all, will not arrive of its own accord. This is why we are all sinners. The bible is a complete ideology/theology that can’t really be treated in that fashion if you want to maintain ideological honesty in my opinion. The righteousness that Jordan Peterson preaches is self-righteousness and it is not saving. The righteousness that Jordan Peterson preaches is self-righteousness and it is not saving. Pingback: How to Understand the Jordan Peterson Phenomenon [Video] | MaryPatriotNews(), Pingback: My Thoughts on Jordan Peterson – Australian Apologist(), Pingback: Jordan Peterson and David Bentley Hart on the origin of morality | Immoderate(), Pingback: Clotaire Rapaille, el malévolo gurú del neuromarketing, sobre por qué el reptiliano siempre gana - Maestroviejo().

On the contrary, Jordan Peterson is the man C.S. The idea that undisciplined eros can be a guide to true moral behavior may be attractive, but it is not one that Christians can countenance. The chapter on truth alone is well worth the price of the book. Peterson really is an effective communicator (though a better speaker than a writer), who could teach most pastors a thing or two about sermonizing. We will dedicate one chapter each week for in depth discussion. And in fact, he has a whole Rule about social comparison—in which he scrambles to claw back some of his harsh words about beta lobsters. That’s a result of the eating of the apple in the garden I think.

What peterson writes are advice designed to keep your head out of the water, be a better person and accept yourself with your dark parts too. I myself am not a Christian although I do believe in God.

Who has it better? .


I am not reading/listening to him as a pastor. i do think “perfect order” is a bit of a stretch because we are naturally imperfect beings but its one hell of a goal which is part of Jordans entire message of setting a high moral standard for yourself and doing everything in your power to reach that because even if you fall short of it, you and society will still be much be much better off. That all these disaffected angry young men are not let down by Christianity. I think there are other problems with this article, but I do think that we should be talking about Jordan Peterson. For Peterson to speak of competition is not necessarily for him to speak of pride. Lewis reference is apples and oranges here. Once having understood Hell, researched it, so to speak—particularly your own individual Hell—you could decide against going there or creating that.

Those are all basic Christian virtues. Head up, shoulders straight, are instructions I’ve given to my own children.

It’s a pitiful world where the “men without chests” are rare, valuable, and actually far superior to the President. Peterson encourages us to bow the knee to truth in all humility, to die daily to all the lies that bind and blind us, and to wait in hope for new life to rise from the ashes. For Peterson, the foundation of moral judgment is the individual will: what is moral is reducible to what will most efficiently fulfill the individual’s desires.2 Any social dimension of morality is contractual and incidental. Lewis warned them about. When Peterson looks at the world through this lens of Pride, competition, and envy, he sees “every man for himself.” So if his “moral advice” sounds like he’s advocating for self-centeredness, it’s because he is: What do you need and want from your friends and business partners?

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